Friday, 26 August 2011

mid week

it is the weekend again!

not that am particularly delighted-- time is flying by too fast and i'm feeling more and more like a Masters student (on the verge of death) and less like a carefree foodie.

but this Wednesday, had a lovely mid-week indulgence thanks to Jasmine

(thanks Maybs for introducing us!)

old-fashioned interior of Heritage

it was so understated i walked right past the front door.. not somewhere i'll ever discover if not for Jasmine *grateful*

but Jasmine was super excited about their half-price mussels on Wednesday, and though i'm not a big seafood girl i wanted to try them!

i know, i know =.=

but just an additional slice of lemon really added class to a simple glass of iced water!

(okay, i'm just easy to impress)

okay, okay, here's what we came for--

a big pot of mussels in broth of your choice for the bargain price of a$14.50

even by Malaysian standards it's a steal!

when i first saw the mussels my first thought was, eh?! looks so dry one..

but that was promptly replaced by mmmmmmmmmm's after the first bite.

if you eat it with the soup it's mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~

my mushroom consomme was flavorful and just the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

walau eh.

J had a Belgium beer to wash everything down with.. but I didn't partake since i'm still not over that little episode a month ago at 3 Wise Monkeys.

i think Paul will adore this place!

pair the mussels with the chips (part of mussels set) and it's a total mid-week pick-me-up *^-^*

(not that i need any cheering up-- just had another awesome night out with S)

and tomorrow we may be going to an arts market.

then Taiwan Festival on Sunday.. yes, for the food.

but next week we're staying home to study.. we hope.

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