Friday, 12 August 2011

right this nanosec

i would do anything to eat something yummy.

royal copenhagen belgian waffle with a scoop of rocher ice-cream and drizzled clumsily (sorry it was DIY) with chocolate fudge?

i think i expect all my meals to be fabulously delicious, but not every experiment in the kitchen culminates in a serendipity-dessert. haha a bit grouchy because my attempt at dinner was gag-inducing and i had to throw it away-- sorry dad.

and what amazes me is how hungry i am all the freaking time but i don't get skinnier. or warmer.

whenever i go to the library (law, where the cute guys are, heh) i'm always the only one huddled under my layers of clothing while everybody else is just in one. single. t-shirt =.=

ah~ the mysteries of life XDD 

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