Tuesday, 27 September 2011

baja cantina

Cuervo Esp,Triple Sec. Lime Juice and a secret ingredient

spring break is rolling along nicely.

am enjoying some alone time with Cadbury Breakaway, indulging in some food photos reliving.

last Friday we had dinner at Baja Cantina (pronounced ba-ha).

have been drinking more booze (and eating more chocolate) lately.

starting to break out (omg!!)

but am getting slightly better at boozin'.

i still get red as a bloody tomato but at least i don't get dizzy *^-^*
(if my parents could read this they'll be OS-ing, did we send our daughter to Sydney to do Masters? or to learn to drink?!)

more crap photos of good food--

chicken mole
A Mexican classic! A complex sauce of aver 20 ingredients. It contains chillies, nuts 
and chocolate. Served with beans and rice

i love Mexican cuisine!

chicken mole

chicken mole-- the grey mash is re-fried beans, Kawei's new love

prawn tacos
Beer battered flathead or prawn with chipotle cabbage, wrapped in flour tortillas. 
Served with rice and beans

us 3 girls (S, K & i-- our social circle is expanding) shared these 2 dishes.

G's California Burrito looked yummy too, as did D's Chicken Suiza.

a decent kick-off to spring break, even if S did nod off at the table after dinner because she hadn't slept for 2 days to finish an assignment.

first time i brought G out, i'm a fan of mixing buddies up. he'd been home for too long and the girls were cool with him joining (now he has an auto invite to everything) so i get to chill with everybody at the same time.

okay 2 goals for spring break--

1. kick chocolate addiction
2. start on my Alliance case study!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

2days before spring break


what happened today--

meet mene

recently i gave up on abstaining from coffee and now i'm alert and happy in classes.

because i'm a light sleeper and there's just too many things keeping me awake-- room is sun-filled by 7am.

funny how hard it is for people to grasp how short my name is.

sometimes i'm Mint, today i'm Mene.


went with Ka Wei to watch a free screening of a 1978 Korean film The Shower at the Korean Cultural Office (KCO) just now.

we were hungry so we dropped by Pasta Cafe near the KCO and bought dinner.

very overpriced $6.50 for a very small box of pasta. (i know i say i never wanna see another pasta again in my life but as long as they're not served with tomato sauce i still like them. 

in fact, just made a new batch of Filipino Pasta Salad to be kept in the fridge for future hunger pangs).

there were no seats at the takeaway shop so we breezed into 7-11 and used the table there XDD

the shower

we were late so the doors were locked (super annoying) but we managed to enter after calling the office.

honestly this movie was just too slow and ancient for me to enjoy.

however, in true Korean fashion, the lead actress was absolutely stunning.

i think i spent 90% of the time marveling at her beauty and wondering who she grew up to be.

skinny ghost!

halfway through the movie i thought i saw a woman from the corner of my eye.. plus Ka Wei was looking in that direction so i turned..

.. and nearly had a bloody heart attack.

in the dimness of the hall she looked like she was hanging from the ceiling.. then it looked as though she was just an illusion.

very creepy.

don't know why Ka Wei asked me to hug her.

don't know why i hugged her when told to.

KCO was full of awesome artwork.

plan to go there during opening hours to check out the library.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

all about food

apple strawberry soy smoothie

in Malaysia strawberries are too pricey to be bashed into lovely pale pink drinks but it's strawberry season here with the cheapest price tag i'd ever seen on strawberries! ($2 for 3 large punnets!!)

soy mocha, clipper cafe

today some semblance of normalcy returned and S called me out for lunch (感动到跪地!流泪!)

虽然 s 说是 g 让我们少见面,但事实是 s 上 2 礼拜都在赶作业!

今天终於像 old times,一起走到 glebe 去找好吃的 *^-^*


由於家里的隔音太烂了,每天早上被楼上篮球队的女生的闹钟叫醒-- 而她似乎每天早上 7 点前在学校有篮球练习!

clipper cafe

整个 cafe 但气氛很棒!



嘿! 另一个脚车!

baked eggs with lamb sausages

吃这的第一口,我们不约而同地笑眯眯说 mmm~

哈哈 2 位女人太久没出去吃饭了。

外加老娘吃了 2 礼拜的 pasta!

(昨晚即将搬出去的 g 问我,是否会怀念他的 cooking?

我很老实地说 no。

拜托,我吃了太多天的鸡蛋早餐与 pasta 晚餐!

但依我这死人样,一定在他搬出去那天就 emo)

但 s 嫌弃 lamb sausage 有臭猪肉味;我个人觉得羊肉就是这股洋人味~

ricotta, strawberry & banana pancakes


整个就是好吃! 酸酸的 berries 配甜甜的 syrup。。边吃美食边讨论下礼拜春假的节目,简直是天下享受!

filipino pasta salad

晚上回来尝试做在表姐 suanie 的 blog 看到的 filipino pasta salad

简直是 comfort food!

自己觉得味道 okay 但我想对普通人会有点淡。


春假~ 我。来。了!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011


friends have described me as a 'comfortable' character.

i'm not an exciting fireball zipping around, more like chill, mellow breakfast music

breakfast music

very laid back, not much of a temper unless u provoke me endlessly like mum does sometimes.

in a fight-or-flight situation, i'd always seen myself as more of a cabut type.

but i guess we learn new things every day eh?

i actually raised my voice at G on Saturday and we had a bit of ridiculous convo in front of S (oh, ze shame!)


G was cooking pasta and asked me to help him stir the sauce so i did and he was like, 'omg WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! i can't watch this! this is not stirring!'

he sounded so much like mum i just snapped, 'IT'S THE SAME! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU SOUND JUST LIKE MY MUM!'

wow i have the potential to get pissed too! ;p surprise, surprise.

and then later i had the convo i never thought i would ever have in my life-- the i-did-this-so-you-do-that convo.

whenever i read about it in magazines i always roll my eyes and think, oh, grow up! and now here i am being a walking talking cliche.

we were talking about who was to pop out to buy booze and G was like, 'you should go because i have a Skype date later. and i cook you breakfast.'

me: i wash your sheets!

G: i cook you dinner every night!

me: i fold your clothes!

G: i pay for your groceries!
(this ticks me off too because he calls me and asks, 'when are you coming home? i'll cook dinner when you come home' and now it sounds like i'm sponging off him. it's not like i make him cook, when he says, let's cook separately; i'm cool with it but then he cooks for us and knocks on my door =.=)

whenever he mentions the bloody groceries my blood rises and i invariably lose the argument.

i pay for his ciggies sometimes too. plus i buy food but he doesn't cook them. (i actually buy better food!) like grr!!!

but i have told him twice yesterday to stop cooking for me because the triteness of this all is kinda freaking me out.

i like being relaxed breakfast music! i wanna go back to being levelheaded. like a cucumber.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

mid autumn

domino's chocolate brownies

yesterday was Mid Autumn.

tried calling parents but they rejected my calls :(

a bit peeved. just give me money so i can go see a doctor!

my toe isn't healing!

but had a lovely Western 'moon cake' with S-- Domino's Chocolate Brownies with Fudge, 50% off on Mondays *^-^*

also a BBQ lunch + dessert with my gorgeous Marketing group mates.

then chilled with Ka Wei at a party.

G was like, 'tell me what was good about your day!'

i was that happy.

yummy food + companionship + enough sleep.

what more can a girl ask for?


Friday, 9 September 2011

boy plan

snippets of convo last night with G--

G: are you looking for azian boys?

M: mm

G: zare are lots of azian boys here!

M: yeah, but they all have girlfriends back in their countries!
(it's true! beware!)

G: how do you know?

M: haha i just do. they wanna play with me and go home.
(insight gleaned from hanging out with lots of guy buddies in Malaysia!

thanks Y for telling me all guys are only after one thing, and one thing only.

and thanks F for reminding me not to 'get played and come home crying')

G: *sighs* yez, it ees true. zo vot ees your plan?

M: haha i have no plan!

G: *gasps* no plan?! you are going to die alone?

M: haha, no! hopefully my parents will introduce me to someone.
(fat chance, my parents suck at this!)

G: .. oh, no! no, no, no! you are living.. like.. 200 years ago!
(seriously he looked so agitated here i couldn't stop laughing)

and after you meet him?

M: well, if i think he's okay, i marry him!

G: VOT?!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe you juz zaid that!

*mimics* come, i think you're okay, let's marry!

come, i think you're okay, let's make children!

come, i think you're okay, let's die together!

at this point i thought i was gonna die from laughter.

you can't marry an okay man!

you have to marry the Big Love of Your Life!!

you muz swear!!

and then he sauntered off to brush his teeth in a huff.

when he came back we didn't revisit this subject. 

yeah, every day all over the world, people meet the Love of Their Lives.

it's so simple.

everybody is happy and loved up.. i wonder how he can have such a stubborn belief when his family is more complicated than mine.

but is it written on my face? 


just met him for 3 days and already we've had this conversation.

is it so bad to go with the flow and not stress about relationships?
(mum is probably freaking out enough for 2 anyway)

every day my guy friends tell me the not-so-rosy content of a guy's mind then they wonder why i'm not mapping out a game plan to nab a dude.


everyday by Fiona Apple

such a pretty song, maybe there's still hope!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

world people

pasta by G

a quick post before i hit the shower while waiting for my new housemate to come home and cook dinner.

been quite lovely moving from S meals to G meals aka No Need To Cook For Myself!!

most awesome feeling having people ask you if you want bacon while you are busy putting on your face in the morning!


plus have met some awesome people at home recently!

we had a guest who works in Composing for Films!

is that cool or what?!

he was born in Mexico to an American father and an Australian mother.. moved to Belgium when he was 15 using money he earned as a drummer since he was 11. since then he'd traveled a lot and met actors and musicians!

when i was 11.. all i remember is hiding under a desk when being teased about my crush =.=


then G (also of mixed parentage-- Argentinian + German) asked me this afternoon, who's cooler? D or him?

of course i said D because he's older and he'd worked with people like Mick Jagger!!

then G got all sulky (because D is older and didn't cook for me) and began Googling up his stepfather.. who turned out to be a German actor!! (and it's really him 'cause they were Skyping last night and we said hi)

and his mother is a designer for Sommerfeld, which she owns, too! (we said hi on Skype too)

and his elder sister models for Sommerfeld.

walau eh. so impressive lah the people who come to my home.


ok one last My-Housemate-Is-So-Cool thing-- there's a girl on the uni basketball team living above me, and she's tall! maybe 2ft!! waa~

my life seems so protected compared to theirs kan!

specs-- 100% Malaysian Chinese. Lived at home until i was 19. Spent 1 year in Melbourne. Hated it and returned home. Currently pursuing double Masters on my old man's money *shameful-- both guys paid for themselves*. Traveled to China, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. Period.

Father-- businessman. Mother-- housewife. Sister-- student. Brother-- student. Meh.

Sports i play-- NONE. Just shoot me.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

pos dalam bahasa

kerana ada kawan baru yang ada access kepada blog ini, dan aku hendak berbincang kawan tersebut, terpaksa mengguna bahasa negara saya.

100% banyak grammar mistake, sila maaf.

dunia ini ada tuhan, kerana prayers saya telah dijawab.

semalam, seorang orang daripada germani memindah dalam rumah saya.


tapi masalahnya.. dia menjemput saya pergi membeli belah..

sekarang kita dah balik dari membeli belah (groceries) dan dia telah memasak makan malam (burger) dan saya telah mencuci pinggan.

ok, balik kepada topik-- MASALAH!!

budak ini terlalu kacak! & tiap-tiap kali dia dalam rumah/mengacau saya, saya tak sempat belajar dengan cemerlang!

budak amat suka bersukan. dia mengajak saya pergi surfing (matilah ku, saya ni memang tak fit!).


sila tolong saya, jangan bagi saya tertipu dengan muka kacaknya!

saya mari sini dan membayar banyak wang untuk belajar!

bukan untuk bergurau dengan lelaki kacak daripada germani! (malaysia lagi boleh)

semua pembaca, sila menyokong saya!!

sekian, terima kasih.

(boleh bagi komen on my bahasa skills)

Monday, 5 September 2011


我生病了 [嚎啕大哭]

[我以为自己在拍偶像剧吗?! 整个就很欠扁的样子]

但这次有 s 的照顾--


这种 fu 只有在国外一个人呆的人才会体会的!



明天还有 guest 来~


昨晚与 dan 看 shutter island

[我快成为他的 one-woman fan club 了!]

洋人也有好人的 [那个给我~!@#经验的还是华人呢!]

[依旧检测手毛的我 =.= 若他有手毛我一定对他有偏见!]

最后。。leonardo dicaprio 的眼睛好蓝呀!!



Sunday, 4 September 2011

toku toku

last Friday S and i went to Toku Toku for dinner.

just by looking at the candlelight and artistic tableware, you already know that this is a date restaurant.

it was very dim inside the restaurant (and in the courtyard behind) so the photos are all blurry but it's just.. so.. romantic in life.

it was a cold spring night (yaay, spring is here!! :D) but the indoors section was fully booked, so we sat outside.

ah~ would be nice to have someone warm to snuggle up with.

(when S touched my frozen hands she was shocked and even looked a bit nervous when i told her confidentially that i'm actually a zombie. haha it's so fun to freak her out)

when i was in high school my scout friends derived great joy from scaring me.

i used to find it childish but now i'm on the other side, i realize how amazingly fun it is!

S is really easy to scare because her brain operates on a different level from us mere mortals.


see the photo above-- it's S' new iphone cover.

pretty, you think, but what's the big deal?

the big deal is that when she couldn't fit her iphone 4 into the cover, she was struck by inspiration ('insanity' to me) to GLUE the cover to her iphone with SUPER GLUE.

the same tube she bought to glue her shoes when the soles loosened. 

'.. and then my friend asked me, how are u gonna get it off?' S had said sheepishly over dinner.

hahaha! she reminds me of Sue Han, but worse!

why am i always friends with these people?!

was gonna bitch about Toku Toku but it's more fun to laugh about my nutty friends *^-^*

scooting back to assignments & tests now~

Saturday, 3 September 2011

嘿!~ 快死了

今天与 silvia, jackie, janet 和 sid 去饮茶~


因为常常就会我与 silvia 2 个出去-- 结果你看我,我看你,再看菜单,眼神交流我们的痛苦!

silvia 的眼神: 怎么看起来都那么美味呀?

我的眼神: 对啊! 只有 2 个人怎么点菜呀?

[怀念 eunice & grace ing]

今天是有吃饱饱啦 [我是注定酱过日子了。。]

但后来肚子实在痛得不行! [不是食物的关系,是我~!@#]


但等下 silvia 会来煮爱心晚餐!

绝对不要怀疑,‘爱心’ 这 2 个字是我自己加的!

好啦,看多 1 张美食照,就乖乖继续写笨蛋 marketing assignment 咯!