Thursday, 22 September 2011

2days before spring break


what happened today--

meet mene

recently i gave up on abstaining from coffee and now i'm alert and happy in classes.

because i'm a light sleeper and there's just too many things keeping me awake-- room is sun-filled by 7am.

funny how hard it is for people to grasp how short my name is.

sometimes i'm Mint, today i'm Mene.


went with Ka Wei to watch a free screening of a 1978 Korean film The Shower at the Korean Cultural Office (KCO) just now.

we were hungry so we dropped by Pasta Cafe near the KCO and bought dinner.

very overpriced $6.50 for a very small box of pasta. (i know i say i never wanna see another pasta again in my life but as long as they're not served with tomato sauce i still like them. 

in fact, just made a new batch of Filipino Pasta Salad to be kept in the fridge for future hunger pangs).

there were no seats at the takeaway shop so we breezed into 7-11 and used the table there XDD

the shower

we were late so the doors were locked (super annoying) but we managed to enter after calling the office.

honestly this movie was just too slow and ancient for me to enjoy.

however, in true Korean fashion, the lead actress was absolutely stunning.

i think i spent 90% of the time marveling at her beauty and wondering who she grew up to be.

skinny ghost!

halfway through the movie i thought i saw a woman from the corner of my eye.. plus Ka Wei was looking in that direction so i turned..

.. and nearly had a bloody heart attack.

in the dimness of the hall she looked like she was hanging from the ceiling.. then it looked as though she was just an illusion.

very creepy.

don't know why Ka Wei asked me to hug her.

don't know why i hugged her when told to.

KCO was full of awesome artwork.

plan to go there during opening hours to check out the library.

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