Tuesday, 27 September 2011

baja cantina

Cuervo Esp,Triple Sec. Lime Juice and a secret ingredient

spring break is rolling along nicely.

am enjoying some alone time with Cadbury Breakaway, indulging in some food photos reliving.

last Friday we had dinner at Baja Cantina (pronounced ba-ha).

have been drinking more booze (and eating more chocolate) lately.

starting to break out (omg!!)

but am getting slightly better at boozin'.

i still get red as a bloody tomato but at least i don't get dizzy *^-^*
(if my parents could read this they'll be OS-ing, did we send our daughter to Sydney to do Masters? or to learn to drink?!)

more crap photos of good food--

chicken mole
A Mexican classic! A complex sauce of aver 20 ingredients. It contains chillies, nuts 
and chocolate. Served with beans and rice

i love Mexican cuisine!

chicken mole

chicken mole-- the grey mash is re-fried beans, Kawei's new love

prawn tacos
Beer battered flathead or prawn with chipotle cabbage, wrapped in flour tortillas. 
Served with rice and beans

us 3 girls (S, K & i-- our social circle is expanding) shared these 2 dishes.

G's California Burrito looked yummy too, as did D's Chicken Suiza.

a decent kick-off to spring break, even if S did nod off at the table after dinner because she hadn't slept for 2 days to finish an assignment.

first time i brought G out, i'm a fan of mixing buddies up. he'd been home for too long and the girls were cool with him joining (now he has an auto invite to everything) so i get to chill with everybody at the same time.

okay 2 goals for spring break--

1. kick chocolate addiction
2. start on my Alliance case study!

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