Friday, 9 September 2011

boy plan

snippets of convo last night with G--

G: are you looking for azian boys?

M: mm

G: zare are lots of azian boys here!

M: yeah, but they all have girlfriends back in their countries!
(it's true! beware!)

G: how do you know?

M: haha i just do. they wanna play with me and go home.
(insight gleaned from hanging out with lots of guy buddies in Malaysia!

thanks Y for telling me all guys are only after one thing, and one thing only.

and thanks F for reminding me not to 'get played and come home crying')

G: *sighs* yez, it ees true. zo vot ees your plan?

M: haha i have no plan!

G: *gasps* no plan?! you are going to die alone?

M: haha, no! hopefully my parents will introduce me to someone.
(fat chance, my parents suck at this!)

G: .. oh, no! no, no, no! you are living.. like.. 200 years ago!
(seriously he looked so agitated here i couldn't stop laughing)

and after you meet him?

M: well, if i think he's okay, i marry him!

G: VOT?!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe you juz zaid that!

*mimics* come, i think you're okay, let's marry!

come, i think you're okay, let's make children!

come, i think you're okay, let's die together!

at this point i thought i was gonna die from laughter.

you can't marry an okay man!

you have to marry the Big Love of Your Life!!

you muz swear!!

and then he sauntered off to brush his teeth in a huff.

when he came back we didn't revisit this subject. 

yeah, every day all over the world, people meet the Love of Their Lives.

it's so simple.

everybody is happy and loved up.. i wonder how he can have such a stubborn belief when his family is more complicated than mine.

but is it written on my face? 


just met him for 3 days and already we've had this conversation.

is it so bad to go with the flow and not stress about relationships?
(mum is probably freaking out enough for 2 anyway)

every day my guy friends tell me the not-so-rosy content of a guy's mind then they wonder why i'm not mapping out a game plan to nab a dude.


everyday by Fiona Apple

such a pretty song, maybe there's still hope!

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