Monday, 19 September 2011


friends have described me as a 'comfortable' character.

i'm not an exciting fireball zipping around, more like chill, mellow breakfast music

breakfast music

very laid back, not much of a temper unless u provoke me endlessly like mum does sometimes.

in a fight-or-flight situation, i'd always seen myself as more of a cabut type.

but i guess we learn new things every day eh?

i actually raised my voice at G on Saturday and we had a bit of ridiculous convo in front of S (oh, ze shame!)


G was cooking pasta and asked me to help him stir the sauce so i did and he was like, 'omg WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! i can't watch this! this is not stirring!'

he sounded so much like mum i just snapped, 'IT'S THE SAME! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU SOUND JUST LIKE MY MUM!'

wow i have the potential to get pissed too! ;p surprise, surprise.

and then later i had the convo i never thought i would ever have in my life-- the i-did-this-so-you-do-that convo.

whenever i read about it in magazines i always roll my eyes and think, oh, grow up! and now here i am being a walking talking cliche.

we were talking about who was to pop out to buy booze and G was like, 'you should go because i have a Skype date later. and i cook you breakfast.'

me: i wash your sheets!

G: i cook you dinner every night!

me: i fold your clothes!

G: i pay for your groceries!
(this ticks me off too because he calls me and asks, 'when are you coming home? i'll cook dinner when you come home' and now it sounds like i'm sponging off him. it's not like i make him cook, when he says, let's cook separately; i'm cool with it but then he cooks for us and knocks on my door =.=)

whenever he mentions the bloody groceries my blood rises and i invariably lose the argument.

i pay for his ciggies sometimes too. plus i buy food but he doesn't cook them. (i actually buy better food!) like grr!!!

but i have told him twice yesterday to stop cooking for me because the triteness of this all is kinda freaking me out.

i like being relaxed breakfast music! i wanna go back to being levelheaded. like a cucumber.

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