Sunday, 4 September 2011

toku toku

last Friday S and i went to Toku Toku for dinner.

just by looking at the candlelight and artistic tableware, you already know that this is a date restaurant.

it was very dim inside the restaurant (and in the courtyard behind) so the photos are all blurry but it's just.. so.. romantic in life.

it was a cold spring night (yaay, spring is here!! :D) but the indoors section was fully booked, so we sat outside.

ah~ would be nice to have someone warm to snuggle up with.

(when S touched my frozen hands she was shocked and even looked a bit nervous when i told her confidentially that i'm actually a zombie. haha it's so fun to freak her out)

when i was in high school my scout friends derived great joy from scaring me.

i used to find it childish but now i'm on the other side, i realize how amazingly fun it is!

S is really easy to scare because her brain operates on a different level from us mere mortals.


see the photo above-- it's S' new iphone cover.

pretty, you think, but what's the big deal?

the big deal is that when she couldn't fit her iphone 4 into the cover, she was struck by inspiration ('insanity' to me) to GLUE the cover to her iphone with SUPER GLUE.

the same tube she bought to glue her shoes when the soles loosened. 

'.. and then my friend asked me, how are u gonna get it off?' S had said sheepishly over dinner.

hahaha! she reminds me of Sue Han, but worse!

why am i always friends with these people?!

was gonna bitch about Toku Toku but it's more fun to laugh about my nutty friends *^-^*

scooting back to assignments & tests now~

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