Thursday, 8 September 2011

world people

pasta by G

a quick post before i hit the shower while waiting for my new housemate to come home and cook dinner.

been quite lovely moving from S meals to G meals aka No Need To Cook For Myself!!

most awesome feeling having people ask you if you want bacon while you are busy putting on your face in the morning!


plus have met some awesome people at home recently!

we had a guest who works in Composing for Films!

is that cool or what?!

he was born in Mexico to an American father and an Australian mother.. moved to Belgium when he was 15 using money he earned as a drummer since he was 11. since then he'd traveled a lot and met actors and musicians!

when i was 11.. all i remember is hiding under a desk when being teased about my crush =.=


then G (also of mixed parentage-- Argentinian + German) asked me this afternoon, who's cooler? D or him?

of course i said D because he's older and he'd worked with people like Mick Jagger!!

then G got all sulky (because D is older and didn't cook for me) and began Googling up his stepfather.. who turned out to be a German actor!! (and it's really him 'cause they were Skyping last night and we said hi)

and his mother is a designer for Sommerfeld, which she owns, too! (we said hi on Skype too)

and his elder sister models for Sommerfeld.

walau eh. so impressive lah the people who come to my home.


ok one last My-Housemate-Is-So-Cool thing-- there's a girl on the uni basketball team living above me, and she's tall! maybe 2ft!! waa~

my life seems so protected compared to theirs kan!

specs-- 100% Malaysian Chinese. Lived at home until i was 19. Spent 1 year in Melbourne. Hated it and returned home. Currently pursuing double Masters on my old man's money *shameful-- both guys paid for themselves*. Traveled to China, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. Period.

Father-- businessman. Mother-- housewife. Sister-- student. Brother-- student. Meh.

Sports i play-- NONE. Just shoot me.

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