Monday, 31 October 2011


the best roti in sydney at the overpriced + long lined Mamak

nasi lemak

i think i need to learn how to cook this.

mee goreng



ooh, aunt's homemade cendol!

am getting kinda sad about not going home for Chinese New Year :'(

but flights r pricey and there's the hassle of sub-letting my room/ moving my belongings into cheaper storage.

contenting myself with opening my bottle of Fragonard Belle De Nuit, a gift from parents when they went to Europe.

it's funny to use a perfume named Good Night but it's a very special gift to me (they disapprove of perfume in general, but knew how much i loved fragrances, so they got me an expensive bottle when they were in the city of perfumes, Paris!)

sigh. end of whinge. hit the books!

Sunday, 30 October 2011


paiseh 照得有点难看。。这是我在 asos 买的睡衣-- 其实本来看网上的相片觉得可以用来当打底裙,没想到实货这么的。。性感。。外加。。小件。。!!!

你看!!! 怎么穿?!!!

背后完全是透的!!! (收到手时我傻眼了,也莫明其妙觉得很搞笑 xD)

为了不浪费我花的 $15,我决定 die die 都得穿一次!

其实还 ok 啦,只是我有点不习惯 lace 的感觉。

但由於我穿这是在家宅的,於是都搭配眼镜、cardigan、袜子。。真的一点性感的 fu 都没有,照镜子时会觉得有点跳 tone!

虽然如此,还是很满足。。我要化身为性感女神!!! (我看我是面对 finals 疯了)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

have you ever seen a purple tree?

i have never seen or heard of a purple tree prior to my walk in victoria park today.

sydney, if one can afford, is the best city in the whole wide world-- even when i miss my family so, so much.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

what i say to guys who look at my ass

few days ago S texted this cute picture to me-- not quite as funny when we both commented, 'this is so me'

been chatting to a few girlfriends about my uncanny curse to turn guy friends i come into contact with into brothers.

'that's quite cool,' girlfriends quip.

'it's not! who wants to be the friend of all mankind?! i wannabe the girlfriend of all mankind!!!'

then i'll fantasize about being all girly.. next i'll botch everything by saying weird stuff to guys who check out my bum--

i just bought a body-con dress, black & skintight, a jarring reminder of my ongoing weight loss bet with S. (it's not going well, by the way.)

wore it today.

G saw me in it and came to talk to me.

he stared at my butt for, like, 10 seconds.. as he asked me about my day.

you know what i said?

i can't believe i said it either.

'i'm going to dig something from my teeth. wanna see?'

oh. my. god. somebody kill me please.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

sydney uni + uni weekend

after 3 months, i finally ran one round around Sydney Uni.

some parts are still under renovation, but what i saw, i loved.

above photo is one of the residential colleges. very Harry Potter.

which reminded me of the night G and i went drinking at Manning's, a uni bar--

we started at 3pm.. and the night ended with us rolling around on the carpeted floor outside Manning. (i was too tipsy to stop that big idiot from dragging me down =.='')

and then watching Harry Potter in the dining room at home.

2 beers, 3 shots.. and i'm finding his face very funny.

that was why i couldn't make my outing with D (which i had been looking forward to for months!)


what's even funnier was that i was too sick to go out with D, but apparently fit for another bar crawl =.=

3 Wise Monkeys to see G's dream girl of the month, then dinner with the biggest party girl ever, K. (never met a girl who went out more than me!)

we had Japanese for dinner, then off we tottered on our heels to Zeta Bar-- just the girls, the guys walked normally

how cool is Zeta?

well, it's at the Hilton..

we were denied entry because we weren't dressed up/hot/wealthy enough..

Hugh Jackman goes there..

atas! any place that doesn't care for my presence is atas!

they serve exquisite cocktails and canapes, but because i was still nursing a sore throat and flu from Manning, i could only sip from the girls' glasses.

(plus K & S made me go out with D the next day.)


the next stop was a club, which let us wait so long we left and went to bar 333 instead.

a common bar, no dance floor.

succumbed to a Quick F*ck (tasted like Baileys).


you'd think i'd have the good sense to return home after this to get some beauty sleep before my hot date but we ended up going to The Star (Star City, renamed) for a round of gambling..

haha i really deserve all those zits on my face!

but this is my kinda night out! zipping around from one place to another!

let's do it again after finals!

at 3am S and i finally stumbled home.. and i cooked dumplings for supper.

late night + supper the night before a date?

no wonder we have no further plans until the finals are over.


finally i am living a uni student's life!

Monday, 17 October 2011

the first word i said today was f*ck

the first word i said today was 'f*ck'.

was awakened by S saying, 'min!! it's 9.30am!!'

what were our plans bright and early on a Monday morning?

this is the answer!

the big baby S had been hankering to watch the lion king in 3d =.=

being her good friend, i got dragged to Hoyts as well.

okay, okay, i love the lion king too.

the songs are great classics-- circle of life, can't wait to be king, hakuna matata, can you feel the love tonight..

S and i had the cinema to ourselves for the first half of the movie.

kinda creepy but it was fun to holler and sing along loudly :D

plus our breakfast consisted of popcorn, diet Coke and a mint Choc Top.

what's not to love?

well, we both bawled our eyes out when Mufasa died :'(

then i cried some more when Simba fell in love with Nala, amid to much eye-rolling on S' side.

S: what is there to cry about?! it's just 2 lions rolling around in the grass!

i don't know why but i cry more watching cartoons than i do with sad grownup movies such as Cape No. 7

after the movie we went home and S whipped up the most delicious enoki mushroom with salted egg yolk.

honestly my mouth is watering now just thinking about it!

we ate that with bihun soup with cabbage and salted egg whites.

yum yum. easy but luscious lunch!

the only time i bother to cook is when i am eating with somebody.

dessert was a tiramisu and an apple cake i bought from La Renaissance on Sunday.

guess what happened next?

S went home, opened a box of clothes her parents sent from China.. [insert drama here].. and we made a diet pact--

both of us have to lose 2kg in 3 weeks.

the person who doesn't has to buy the other a gift-- S already has her eyes on a set of incense.

i'll probably get her to buy me ASOS credit, i love that website to death.

sigh. wish me luck!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

open day

today i went to Sydney Opera House Open Day.

G was supposed to go with me but he burned his fingers on the stove while attempting to cook breakfast but i decided to go alone anyway.

(now he's living a king's life-- S and i cook and clean for him, plus i bought him some sweet treats)

the line was up to Guylian cafe at Circular Quay

but it was moving along briskly and there were workers handing out brochures.

plus the Asians seem to grasp the concept of queuing better when there are ang mos around.

i haven't been out alone since i met S but i still enjoy a bit of solidarity.

model of La Boheme set

on Open Day you get to go backstage and see cool stuff like set models (above) for free!!

i couldn't capture it perfectly but the level of detail is breathtaking.

it's just like a tiny dollhouse!

orchestra chamber

the SOH is absolutely stunning, i love it!

not sure if it's due to the sunshine and warmth but everything was just gorgeous.

this is why i die die also must go to Open Day!

the Green Room, to me, is synonymous with glamour, rock and roll, and interviews.

(the actual green room is so freaking normal i didn't even bother to snap a photo.

and NO, it wasn't green. very disappointed.)


walking around backstage of SOH reminds me of working in Boulevard Hotel.

where people are separated into guests and non guests-- the glossy side that the public sees and the much uglier environment where we work to produce the lovely exterior.

dressing room

i love, love, LOVE costumes!

wig & makeup

main rehearsal room

this is where the Royal Australian Ballet practices.

ever since watching Mao's Last Dancer i'd developed an unexplained fondness for the Royal Australian Ballet.

plus i had always been fascinated with the iron discipline that goes into creating such a soft, beautiful art form.

feeding my ballet appetite.

  autographed ballet shoes

okay that was a crappy take but it's actually the setting of a play with an innovative concept.

it's so dark because it's supposed to be within a Russian submarine.

viewers 'watch' this performance by actually roaming within the set and observing the actors as though they are actually extras within the story-line!

'so what happens if the viewers talk to the actors in the middle of a scene?' i asked a volunteer.

'i don't know,' she admitted.

very intriguing though, i think it's called icursk or similar. 

shame it ends tomorrow.

outside the apple store on George St

on the way home i passed by this tribute to Steve Jobs.


that guy really left his mark on mankind.

even i have been converted to an Apple fan-girl XD


i swung by The Rocks Market after my tour of SOH, bought a Royal Copenhagen ice-cream and sat beside the road near a busker..

as i licked my Cookies 'n' Cream cone i thought, i'm eating ice-cream under a shady tree on a sunny day and listening to nice live music, and i was filled with such sheer pleasure, which was very comforting because i have been doubting myself recently.

no biggie, i'm a happy chick but sometimes i feel i should be out having lots of sex.

or dating an array of attractive men.

or swotting harder.

or playing piano.

or drinking more. (okay maybe not this.)

or whatever it is that i'm not doing now.

including wearing sexier underwear.

it's not fun being different from everybody i'm hanging out with :(

but still, counting my blessings and living with gratitude!

because i am still extremely lucky compared to a lot of people *^-^*

last but not least, a self-portrait.

Friday, 14 October 2011

the date

creamy chicken laksa, a$5.60 when cooked at home

ok 感觉好久没写日记了 [明明就一礼拜而已]。



2。外加 semester 快结束了,光下礼拜就 3 个 presentation,我快彪泪了。

3。但最最重要的是老娘最近化悲愤为食量,一有时间就嘴巴痒,忙着增肥没时间写日记! [我看我是不想活了]

我胖了 3 公斤!!!!!!!!!!


1。我与 s 共买了一台 scales,我踏上去了。

2。之前 g 每天都打电话问我,‘肚子饿吗?’,但现在不问了!

3。被 s 骂了-- 你是肥猪吗你?! 不知悔改! [j 也加入行列训我了!]

4。诱惑不到个人觉得很可爱但娴说长得像‘路人甲’的男生 [连朋友觉得不怎样的男生都嫌弃我了,啊~! 竟然不开始减肥,还用巧克力饼疗伤!!! 受不了自己!!]


立志减肥! [要减肥的人午餐还煮了 laksa,难怪 s 根本不想理会我要当美女的宣布!!!]


1。臭 s 一直 sabo 我,明知人家诱惑不到 d 很脆弱了,还要人家陪她吃奶皇糯米磁! [但其实很美味,有来悉尼务必提醒我带你去吃]

很有心机把我养得白白胖胖,然后再跑去告诉 j 她觉得自己比我 charming!!! oh my god!!

2。好朋友们都讨厌与丑人做朋友 [g、黄颖、最严重的 s-- 这恶毒的女人竟说,‘继续胖下去就别与我做朋友!’]。好紧张! 少了黄颖我的 skype partner 就只剩我姐;没 s 与 g 我就准备买 vibrator 跟自己玩吧 =.=

3。给臭 d 一点颜色瞧瞧! 早知道那天吃贵的,穷死你! 我要变瘦子然后与开 ferrari 的帅哥在 city 的 ivy bar 风骚!!!!!!!!!! 你就继续跟她在 market city 玩吧! 嘿呀!!!

4。我好想穿 midi dress/skirt 呀! 万一年底去 cairns 还要穿比基尼!!! 不想拖衰大马女生的名誉!



1。grocery shopping 时万万务必避开巧克力饼那个 aisle!!! 那是不归路呀!


3。min,你的感冒是永远不会好的 [我竟然喝酒喝到感冒!!],明天就开始跑步吧,每 2 天 15 分钟,太多你一定不会做的。

4。你的酒量!!!!! [因为每次喝了就必须吃一堆食物才比较不会恶心]

其实我还是可以露脸照相啦,但被 s 上身了。。文。艺。青。年。


就今天 s 与我一大清早搭 30 分钟的火车到 parramatta 的 westfield [shopping center],为的就是这--


就把名字印在罐装可乐上! 可以喝的噢!



我与 s 可是排了 3 次! 自己都觉得有点 paiseh 了!


刚刚 g 又令我爆笑了,好想分享,但有点 A。。

晚安! 明天还有 9am 的课!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

more conversations with housemate

a bit depressed.

spring break is over.

i still have my Harvard paper to summarize.

but thinking about idiotic dialogues brings a smile :)

sometimes at night when we can't sleep, my housemate and i have the dumbest talks--

example 1

'is sushi from China?'


'oops, is it from China or Japan?'

'everybody knows sushi is from South Korea!'

but because i'm not fantastic at lying i burst into laughter and he learned that sushi did not originate from South Korea.

example 2

i read The Robber Bridegroom by the Grimm Brothers in Newcastle and couldn't sleep well for one night because cannibalism scares me like nothing else (well, maybe only supernatural stuff).

so when i went home i told G (who is from Germany like the brothers Grimm) about The Robber Bridegroom and he said, ''yeah, every month in Germany they catch a person who does this and put him in jail.''

honestly the fear flooding my heart wasn't even funny. i sat up in bed and squealed, ''REALLY?!''

''miinnn!'' he said in this eye-roll-in-a-tone and i realized what an idiot i sounded like.

don't blame me, blame Silence of the Lambs.

i honestly think there are still freaks out there who eat people!

okay i had better continue summarizing my article. m starting to sound crazy.

Love You by Howl

dunno why this has been on repeat this morning!

sudden surging love for Lee Min Ho!

and this is us goofing around at a hot pot dinner xD