Monday, 17 October 2011

the first word i said today was f*ck

the first word i said today was 'f*ck'.

was awakened by S saying, 'min!! it's 9.30am!!'

what were our plans bright and early on a Monday morning?

this is the answer!

the big baby S had been hankering to watch the lion king in 3d =.=

being her good friend, i got dragged to Hoyts as well.

okay, okay, i love the lion king too.

the songs are great classics-- circle of life, can't wait to be king, hakuna matata, can you feel the love tonight..

S and i had the cinema to ourselves for the first half of the movie.

kinda creepy but it was fun to holler and sing along loudly :D

plus our breakfast consisted of popcorn, diet Coke and a mint Choc Top.

what's not to love?

well, we both bawled our eyes out when Mufasa died :'(

then i cried some more when Simba fell in love with Nala, amid to much eye-rolling on S' side.

S: what is there to cry about?! it's just 2 lions rolling around in the grass!

i don't know why but i cry more watching cartoons than i do with sad grownup movies such as Cape No. 7

after the movie we went home and S whipped up the most delicious enoki mushroom with salted egg yolk.

honestly my mouth is watering now just thinking about it!

we ate that with bihun soup with cabbage and salted egg whites.

yum yum. easy but luscious lunch!

the only time i bother to cook is when i am eating with somebody.

dessert was a tiramisu and an apple cake i bought from La Renaissance on Sunday.

guess what happened next?

S went home, opened a box of clothes her parents sent from China.. [insert drama here].. and we made a diet pact--

both of us have to lose 2kg in 3 weeks.

the person who doesn't has to buy the other a gift-- S already has her eyes on a set of incense.

i'll probably get her to buy me ASOS credit, i love that website to death.

sigh. wish me luck!

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