Monday, 31 October 2011


the best roti in sydney at the overpriced + long lined Mamak

nasi lemak

i think i need to learn how to cook this.

mee goreng



ooh, aunt's homemade cendol!

am getting kinda sad about not going home for Chinese New Year :'(

but flights r pricey and there's the hassle of sub-letting my room/ moving my belongings into cheaper storage.

contenting myself with opening my bottle of Fragonard Belle De Nuit, a gift from parents when they went to Europe.

it's funny to use a perfume named Good Night but it's a very special gift to me (they disapprove of perfume in general, but knew how much i loved fragrances, so they got me an expensive bottle when they were in the city of perfumes, Paris!)

sigh. end of whinge. hit the books!

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