Tuesday, 4 October 2011

more conversations with housemate

a bit depressed.

spring break is over.

i still have my Harvard paper to summarize.

but thinking about idiotic dialogues brings a smile :)

sometimes at night when we can't sleep, my housemate and i have the dumbest talks--

example 1

'is sushi from China?'


'oops, is it from China or Japan?'

'everybody knows sushi is from South Korea!'

but because i'm not fantastic at lying i burst into laughter and he learned that sushi did not originate from South Korea.

example 2

i read The Robber Bridegroom by the Grimm Brothers in Newcastle and couldn't sleep well for one night because cannibalism scares me like nothing else (well, maybe only supernatural stuff).

so when i went home i told G (who is from Germany like the brothers Grimm) about The Robber Bridegroom and he said, ''yeah, every month in Germany they catch a person who does this and put him in jail.''

honestly the fear flooding my heart wasn't even funny. i sat up in bed and squealed, ''REALLY?!''

''miinnn!'' he said in this eye-roll-in-a-tone and i realized what an idiot i sounded like.

don't blame me, blame Silence of the Lambs.

i honestly think there are still freaks out there who eat people!

okay i had better continue summarizing my article. m starting to sound crazy.

Love You by Howl

dunno why this has been on repeat this morning!

sudden surging love for Lee Min Ho!

and this is us goofing around at a hot pot dinner xD

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