Sunday, 16 October 2011

open day

today i went to Sydney Opera House Open Day.

G was supposed to go with me but he burned his fingers on the stove while attempting to cook breakfast but i decided to go alone anyway.

(now he's living a king's life-- S and i cook and clean for him, plus i bought him some sweet treats)

the line was up to Guylian cafe at Circular Quay

but it was moving along briskly and there were workers handing out brochures.

plus the Asians seem to grasp the concept of queuing better when there are ang mos around.

i haven't been out alone since i met S but i still enjoy a bit of solidarity.

model of La Boheme set

on Open Day you get to go backstage and see cool stuff like set models (above) for free!!

i couldn't capture it perfectly but the level of detail is breathtaking.

it's just like a tiny dollhouse!

orchestra chamber

the SOH is absolutely stunning, i love it!

not sure if it's due to the sunshine and warmth but everything was just gorgeous.

this is why i die die also must go to Open Day!

the Green Room, to me, is synonymous with glamour, rock and roll, and interviews.

(the actual green room is so freaking normal i didn't even bother to snap a photo.

and NO, it wasn't green. very disappointed.)


walking around backstage of SOH reminds me of working in Boulevard Hotel.

where people are separated into guests and non guests-- the glossy side that the public sees and the much uglier environment where we work to produce the lovely exterior.

dressing room

i love, love, LOVE costumes!

wig & makeup

main rehearsal room

this is where the Royal Australian Ballet practices.

ever since watching Mao's Last Dancer i'd developed an unexplained fondness for the Royal Australian Ballet.

plus i had always been fascinated with the iron discipline that goes into creating such a soft, beautiful art form.

feeding my ballet appetite.

  autographed ballet shoes

okay that was a crappy take but it's actually the setting of a play with an innovative concept.

it's so dark because it's supposed to be within a Russian submarine.

viewers 'watch' this performance by actually roaming within the set and observing the actors as though they are actually extras within the story-line!

'so what happens if the viewers talk to the actors in the middle of a scene?' i asked a volunteer.

'i don't know,' she admitted.

very intriguing though, i think it's called icursk or similar. 

shame it ends tomorrow.

outside the apple store on George St

on the way home i passed by this tribute to Steve Jobs.


that guy really left his mark on mankind.

even i have been converted to an Apple fan-girl XD


i swung by The Rocks Market after my tour of SOH, bought a Royal Copenhagen ice-cream and sat beside the road near a busker..

as i licked my Cookies 'n' Cream cone i thought, i'm eating ice-cream under a shady tree on a sunny day and listening to nice live music, and i was filled with such sheer pleasure, which was very comforting because i have been doubting myself recently.

no biggie, i'm a happy chick but sometimes i feel i should be out having lots of sex.

or dating an array of attractive men.

or swotting harder.

or playing piano.

or drinking more. (okay maybe not this.)

or whatever it is that i'm not doing now.

including wearing sexier underwear.

it's not fun being different from everybody i'm hanging out with :(

but still, counting my blessings and living with gratitude!

because i am still extremely lucky compared to a lot of people *^-^*

last but not least, a self-portrait.

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