Thursday, 20 October 2011

sydney uni + uni weekend

after 3 months, i finally ran one round around Sydney Uni.

some parts are still under renovation, but what i saw, i loved.

above photo is one of the residential colleges. very Harry Potter.

which reminded me of the night G and i went drinking at Manning's, a uni bar--

we started at 3pm.. and the night ended with us rolling around on the carpeted floor outside Manning. (i was too tipsy to stop that big idiot from dragging me down =.='')

and then watching Harry Potter in the dining room at home.

2 beers, 3 shots.. and i'm finding his face very funny.

that was why i couldn't make my outing with D (which i had been looking forward to for months!)


what's even funnier was that i was too sick to go out with D, but apparently fit for another bar crawl =.=

3 Wise Monkeys to see G's dream girl of the month, then dinner with the biggest party girl ever, K. (never met a girl who went out more than me!)

we had Japanese for dinner, then off we tottered on our heels to Zeta Bar-- just the girls, the guys walked normally

how cool is Zeta?

well, it's at the Hilton..

we were denied entry because we weren't dressed up/hot/wealthy enough..

Hugh Jackman goes there..

atas! any place that doesn't care for my presence is atas!

they serve exquisite cocktails and canapes, but because i was still nursing a sore throat and flu from Manning, i could only sip from the girls' glasses.

(plus K & S made me go out with D the next day.)


the next stop was a club, which let us wait so long we left and went to bar 333 instead.

a common bar, no dance floor.

succumbed to a Quick F*ck (tasted like Baileys).


you'd think i'd have the good sense to return home after this to get some beauty sleep before my hot date but we ended up going to The Star (Star City, renamed) for a round of gambling..

haha i really deserve all those zits on my face!

but this is my kinda night out! zipping around from one place to another!

let's do it again after finals!

at 3am S and i finally stumbled home.. and i cooked dumplings for supper.

late night + supper the night before a date?

no wonder we have no further plans until the finals are over.


finally i am living a uni student's life!

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