Saturday, 22 October 2011

what i say to guys who look at my ass

few days ago S texted this cute picture to me-- not quite as funny when we both commented, 'this is so me'

been chatting to a few girlfriends about my uncanny curse to turn guy friends i come into contact with into brothers.

'that's quite cool,' girlfriends quip.

'it's not! who wants to be the friend of all mankind?! i wannabe the girlfriend of all mankind!!!'

then i'll fantasize about being all girly.. next i'll botch everything by saying weird stuff to guys who check out my bum--

i just bought a body-con dress, black & skintight, a jarring reminder of my ongoing weight loss bet with S. (it's not going well, by the way.)

wore it today.

G saw me in it and came to talk to me.

he stared at my butt for, like, 10 seconds.. as he asked me about my day.

you know what i said?

i can't believe i said it either.

'i'm going to dig something from my teeth. wanna see?'

oh. my. god. somebody kill me please.

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