Monday, 7 November 2011

make pictures

the puppies that my bro wants to adopt.

my new pants. everybody commented on them.

the great hall. taken during a post-dinner stroll around uni.

the delicious food that S and i ate the day i saw D with xxx.. :)

city hunter

in time with you

my current drama obsessions.

i skipped so much of city hunter half the time i have no idea what's going on but oh. my. gosh. so many good-looking people!

hara is a bit hiao for my taste but she looks like a doll!! so she can get away with it!


i usually don't watch taiwanese dramas but after reading a quote from the series on my fave Taiwanese blog, and since S recommended it, i gave it a go.

only on episode 2 (it is study vacation, after all) but like the fierce wife, i feel melancholy even when nothing particularly sad is happening.

i have a feeling i'll be posting a few emo entries linked to in time with you.

men and women are both grapes, but men are like wine, better with age; whereas women are like raisins, getting dry and wrinkly.

i can be all girl power and feminist but honestly there is some truth in that!

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