Thursday, 3 November 2011

trick or treat

ooh look at all those chocolate!

ooh look at Min who has to weigh in next Monday! she's so dead!

last Saturday i was pottering about at home when the cutest little girl came knocking on my door.

she gave me these--

ah~ when i was a little girl in my Sweet Valley-reading years, i'd always dreamed of going trick-or-treating..

in the blink of an eye, i'm past the stage when i can ask for candy; instead, i'm on the candy-giving side!

walau eh will there come a day when i give instead of receive ang paos?!!!


anyway i was very excited and bought 4 packets of chocolates, stuck the sign on the mailbox, and waited with bated breath..

and waited with not-so-bated breath..

then waited some more..

in the end i gave up anticipating and began eating the chocolates myself (yum yum!)

G knew how excited i was about Halloween so he kept an eye on the door as he chilled in the dining room and every time anybody vaguely petite walked past, he would shout, 'MIINNN!!! THERE ARE CHHEELDREN!!!' (now that i think about it, kinda paedo-ish hmm)

S was with me when the first real family dressed as witches and ghouls paused at the front door. as G yelled, i stumbled out the front door and practically shoved the chocolates up their noses =.=


in the end only about 5 groups came, but they were very adorable.

i never wanted kids but now i think they can be sweet.

Happy Halloween!!!

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