Thursday, 29 December 2011

boxing day

i have been absolutely dying to share these shots of Cindy and Millie!

they are Sonya's dogs, and i was at her Boxing Day party in these shots.

(Sonya is S' host mother Ella's daughter. she lives in the BIGGEST home i'd ever been in my life!)

i didn't even finish walking around her garden!

the thing was, S thought my Malaysian home was bigger than Sonya's! she had been imagining something along the lines of Dao Ming Sze (or Gu Jun Pyo in the Korean version). walau eh! if i can live in such a crazy huge home in the city, i wouldn't be constantly checking my bank balance ok!


full of good food and lounging on the sofa in one of the living rooms

i haven't had such good home cooking since i came here.

you know uni students, always buy the cheapest food!

but Ella and Sonya can afford quality, so it really feels like home where mum buys good stuff.

living room #3

right outside this living room is where they breed an unfriendly snake. (the friendly ones are within this space!)

their family pets also include lizards! something like geckos!

i'd noticed that Westerners do not fear little reptiles like most Asians-- they find little geckos adorable and enjoy stroking them! ugh so geli just imagining it!

the kids are really cheeky!

ashley and her brother had a debate over my motherhood status-- ashley says i'm too young to be a mum (because i was only 15 on Boxing day!) vs. her brother claims i'm too old! the nerve!

this was my awesome boxing day.

yummy food, friendly people *^-^*

hope everyone had an amazing one too!

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