Sunday, 18 December 2011

fiji: nadi

very excited to be flying Air Pacific

just got these photos from S, so finally can write about Fiji for Tao!

ever since reading Breadfruit & Frangipani 2 years ago, i'd been in love with Polynesian culture.

so when S wanted to go to Fiji, i was immediately 'okay!' (now my bank account is not okay at all).

we booked the Ultimate Lei by Awesome Adventures through STA.

it was highly recommended by the travel agent, but personally out of my 3 trips, the best package activities-wise is Cairns.

Melbourne and Fiji won on companionship though (although am going through a rough patch with S at the moment).

perhaps it was because i was having my period during the first half of the trip thus was not in the best condition to fully explore the corals etc., but the beauty of Fiji was not dazzling enough to compensate for the pain of mozzies--

it was much worse than it looks!

so if you can only pick between Cairns and Fiji, i'd vote for Cairns.


still, i kept a diary in Fiji, because, knowing my memory, without a diary, this trip that dad paid through his nose for would be nothing but a collection of photos.


Fiji day 1
27 nov 2011

Our cab to the airport, which usually costs $25, doubled because it was a Sunday! Water fish!

The cabbie was the polar opposite of the crazy gangster who shuttled us back last night-- educated and soft spoken. Which took some of the sting out of the cab fare. *S and i had flown in from Melbourne the night before*

I was ridiculously excited to be flying with Air Pacific instead of low cost carriers, and it didn't disappoint. Though there were no blankets provided (I'm obsessed with airline blankets-- they are the perfect size for veg-ing in the arctic library), there was an endless stream of carts ambling past me, serving wine, lunch, coffee & tea.. 

The flight attendants all looked so festive with their brown skin, Hawaiian shirts and frangipanis in hair :) 

Having been forewarned about Fiji time, I wasn't too annoyed with the 15 minutes it took for ANY attendants to respond to my call. Everybody is laid back, the customs line takes decades. But the level of service is lovely-- porters abound, even in hostels. 

The people here are really as warm & charming as depicted in Lonely Planet! While waiting for our ride to smugglers' cove, s & I were doubling as mozzie buffets free-for-all outside the airport. To kill time, we engaged in the #1 Asian hobby-- camwhoring. Seeing us attempting to snap a self portrait, airport workers offered to help us take a shot. 

There was a bit of a wait for the van and passing workers kept stopping to ask if they could be of assistance when they saw us standing around. The aunties look so homey & mama with their plump figures & mini Afros with the qui essential frangipani.  Maximum love. 

Finally a driver took pity on us & arranged to drive us to meet our designated driver at a petrol kiosk for free. initially i thought he was expecting payment and/or was trying to kidnap us but he was just being kind xD

Smugglers' Cove

Smugglers' Cove is lovely. S is a game travel partner-- we joined the activities with happy abandon-- mostly dancing/ice-breaker games that i used to play during scouts in high school.

there was a fire-eating show when we ambled to the dining area for dinner. it's not perfect skills, but they did have a luscious performer named John--

 2nd from right-- the delectable John

Supper knocked us out. Specifically, rou rou knocked us out. Suspicious looking but taste the full bodied chicken richness. Yum! The flame grilled chicken was a safe option recommended by a lovely, relaxed waitress. I have never heard a waitress speak so slowly! xD

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