Friday, 30 December 2011

ikea tempe

yesterday i was bounding around Ikea and fantasising about my bachelorette pad and.. other.. future.. homes.

today i'm sick at home and drinking so much water i feel like a bloody dam!

some more tomorrow is the FIREWORKS! the famous sydney fireworks! if i don't recover i can't go!

it seems that i'm ill almost on a regular basis here, must exercise liao lah!!!!!!!!!!

of course i wanted to buy absolutely every single bloody thing but i only picked up the above rug for the bargain price of $5 so S can have some place to sit when she comes over.

i really love browsing in Ikea, where you can play pretend-- in this house i'm living in a minuscule apartment in.. Japan? (simply because houses there are tiny!). a few steps more and i am in my newlywed home! (too much We Got Married?!)


-in time with you-

also there was the very romantic scene at Ikea in In Time With You.

and 500 days of summer.

i love In time with you so much because it's just a short, normal love story that could happen to anyone of us. k dramas are a bit over where the leads are always ultra-spectacular.

happiness in real life need not be quite so dazzling. i think being together with someone whom you can talk with, someone who can tahan your inadequacies is BEST!

S says i relate to In time with you because i'm 22 and single.. she might be right! but still, it's quite a meaningful drama to be watched and reflected upon quietly *^-^*

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