Wednesday, 21 December 2011


another interesting person i met-- Renee.

she insisted on having a beer with her supper when she arrived, which made me wonder if she's a closet alcoholic, but it just helps her sleep.

S did the same during our Fiji trip so i'm kinda used to the idea.

60-years-old with a full head of brown hair.

very soft-spoken mother-of-two-- the youngest is my age.

a criminologist before 'it got too depressing because 90% of the criminals will not change!'

all of them had crappy childhoods.

so Renee shared the most important thing she learned from her criminology degree--

I = influence of parents over offspring

personalities are shaped by around 15, and then you are who you are no matter what your parents say.

so, for mothers who have given up work to care for the family, it's always worth it!

my own mum has already offered her babysitting services for her very-unborn grandchildren (yes, my siblings and i are the poster children for Solo).

so at least there's somebody i trust with my very-unborn kids.


met a German girl in Fiji, and we started discussing how people discipline children, Germany vs Malaysia.

she nearly fell into the sea when she heard i had been hit as a child.

'but what do your parents do when you're naughty?' 

'they'll say, go into the garden! we need a break!' she said matter-of-factly.

it's amazing how people can rear children without smacking them.

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