Saturday, 24 December 2011

the secret bird cages

one day S texted me a photo of bird cages, at least a hundred of them, suspended from the sky.

she was ambling around the city near Wynyard, when she turned into Angel Pl and saw the bird cages.

this is the magic of Sydney-- there are beautiful surprises at every corner.

Martin Pl

dunno what i'm so delighted for.

but a plus point about S is that i find it easy to laugh when she is photographing me.

the Christmas tree at Martin Pl

it's huge! and with all the sunshine, i could be in Malaysia!

a random, gorgeous lamp post!

outside St James church

i love Sydney churches, they are the real deal with stained glass windows and all!

lastly, this is a video of S and i unwrapping our Christmas gifts at her beautiful home :)

merry xmas and happy birthday to my little nephew Nathan! *^-^*

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