Tuesday, 6 December 2011


jang jang!

up close and personal with fairy penguins at st kilda again :)

spent the past fortnight in melbourne and fiji, flying to cairns tomorrow.

very lucky but am suffering from diarrhoea so can only sit at home and drink water so i can recover for tomorrow's journey!

queen victoria building, sydney

christmas is in the air! i don't know how people can travel for a year.. just 2 weeks away from my sydney room and i find myself yearning for some stability and missing malaysia more than ever! next year will be my first chinese new year away from home *deep deep breath*

really wanna call parents but i miss them too much and like s, am worried that i might start crying when i talk to them.

also, a bit ashamed to call when am still job-less and man-less.


fiji is stunning and super relaxing..

but the mozzies are VICIOUS.

and i got bitten by bed bugs at Wayalailai too. BEWARE!

these monsters are immune to insect repellent!

am gonna be covering up for cairns.

south sea island

the waters are very clear.. so transparent that you can see the baby sharks playing near your feet :)

anyway gotta go cir it birit some more and pack for cairns.

just a 报平安 post

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