Tuesday, 31 January 2012

australia day

after slaving away the afternoon at my home over the assignment, Nini and i went to Darling Harbour to watch the fireworks for Australia Day. i haven't been out for so long i felt a bit dazed. ever since i realized i have to work in order to play here, i'd taken to not going out much-- until i find a job, at least.

Nini and i chatted through the boat parade because we were there for the fireworks and the fireworks only. 

the government had built a makeshift stage in the middle of the water, and at 9pm it lit up with a laser show.

then the fireworks started!.. and continued for a full 30 minutes!

as Nini puts it, 'this was better than the new year fireworks, where you had to begin queueing at 10am for 15 minutes of fireworks!'

there were also bursts of fire..

and my personal favorite at the end, when all the fireworks seemed to shoot up into the sky at the same time, and it was almost as bright as day!

after the fireworks, Nini and i had supper at Chefs Gallery, a restaurant serving Northern Chinese cuisine. on most days there were lines outside it during meal times, so i had been quite keen to try it.

we had sour-spicy soup with tofu and prawns, because the angmo at the next table was eating a bowl of it so deliciously! it was spicier than i expected, very peppery. 

we also had kung pow chicken noodles, which didn't taste kung pow at all. the portions served here are tiny by Australian (and even Malaysian, sometimes) standards, but at least we can polish off all the food.

the 手抓饼 with cheese and mushrooms is the best dish we ordered! kinda like roti canai with mushrooms and cheese. very keen to recreate this with frozen roti but am intent on finishing the food i have in my kitchen so there will be less things to move on Saturday.

speaking of moving, S will come stay with me for 3 nights so that's a bit of practice of room-sharing. i actually miss my roomies when they move out (Eunice, S, G) but i also enjoy having my own space. been prone to waking up in the middle of the night and panicking about my move. really, am so melodramatic sometimes!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


have you ever wondered what happens when you call emergency hotlines?

i have, since i received my first insurance card in Melbourne 3 years ago.

finally, a couple of days ago, i made that call.

about once every 2 years i get cramps which make me cry and pray for death.

so this time, after a bit of crying, i called OSHC and moaned, 'oh my god, i think i'm gonna die!' because the pain had somehow spread to my head.

sekali the guy on the line replied, 'i don't think you will.'

=.= then they got a nurse to recommend painkillers for me. yeah, if i can walk i wouldn't be calling you, stupid OSHC!

thank goodness for friends, who dropped by with Nurofen and Panadol. :-*


anyway yesterday i recovered enough to go out to buy house clothes. 

i swear, i'm becoming more and more like S-- now i can't stand ugly/dirty homes, and i have developed a love for postcards and pretty clothes only meant to be worn at home.

actually my new year resolution #x is to simplify. i harbor a dream of living out of a suitcase, but so many things feel like necessities to me-- my heater, fan, this new gray house dress..

it was on special, $15 for 2. and the Korean sales boy was very cute! the cashier, too, though his accent so gao i understood nothing. (actually i think there are lots of cute guys in the city but my friends say it's only because i have no taste!) 

totally my veg! i've been living in it! super comfy! some days i'm so bloated i can't squeeze into the shorts i usually wear at home so i'm so pleased i bought these! :))

Monday, 23 January 2012


cny launch


昨晚在等与朋友吃火锅时,心情有点 blue,于是虽然交男朋友的日子遥遥无期,还是给妈打电话了。(结果开始吃饭后发现心情这么低落是因为肚子饿!)其实只要不要特地去想,第一次没与家人过年也没什么大不了。*哦,快欣赏我坚定的眼神*但可以回家过年的人最好好好珍惜咯!

悉尼的春节气息相当稀薄,只是昨天去唐人街买年夜饭的菜时才有点 fu-因为大家都在买菜,没看过超市这么多这么多这么多人!




大家在 2012 健康快乐,万事如意!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

house hunting

there is nothing more draining than room-hunting. after witnessing all the crack jobs passing off as rental property, i am starting to think my rent is rather reasonable!

i pay $240/week for my own room, inclusive of internet, bills, detergent, toilet paper and once-a-week cleaning. 5 people sharing 2 bathrooms, but i actually use one by myself because nobody wants to walk all the way to the back of the house to use it.


the pretty share room opposite my home will cost $150/week, but i'm banned from using my heater even in winter. no electric blankets, too! plus 8-12people sharing 1 bathroom and 2 toilets is a bit intense for me.

then there's another fairly nice room with 2 other girls with the cutest boy housemate! i just needed to tick the last essential box, so i asked, ''does any of the girls snore?''

''oh, yes!''

because i quite liked the place ($150/week, 3 girls sharing a bathroom; the 3 boys use another one), i persisted, ''ah~ so, is it loud?'' (at this stage my potential landlord Charlie was quite amused, and asked the girl, ''who is it?!'')

''it's me, and yes, it's loud!'' (i suspect she hates me and doesn't want me to move in.)

the guy sitting on the sofa looked so appealing i gave it another shot. ''do you snore a bit or for the whole night?''

''the whole night.''

ok, no fate.


so far, the room i thought was ok.. i hesitated for 5 minutes to mull it over and somebody snatched it. 

and the room i have my eye on now costs $225/week excluding laundry. ($4/wash at the nearby laundromat). it's a large room in a beautiful old townhouse, and i share a bathroom and a kitchen with another guy on the first floor.

the landlord lives downstairs and his quarters are so absolutely stunning that it takes my breath away! he's an old brit grandpa who fought in Malaya during the Emergency and is now a builder. his wife is Spanish so their living spaces look as though they might be from the Mediterranean!

ARRGGGHHHH i hate being poor!!!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

71: into the fire

so at lyanna's suggestion i watched 71. every time i watch war movies i say a prayer of thanks that no matter what, at least we're not at war. 

of course it broke my heart that mere children are being sacrificed, but it was quite beautiful, how they loved their country! i find that south koreans tend to be proud of their nationality, they're quite patriotic in a way that i can't feel for my own country.

71 was a bit more visual than the flowers of war, but flowers was definitely more nauseating. because in 71 people were gunned down; in flowers brooms were rammed up women-- totally different case.

sometimes i wonder how the japanese can get by for so long without learning the truth about their history. it does rankle me, especially after watching war flicks. i mean, one may argue that the nazis were almost as cruel, but at least G, for one, is sheepish and apologetic when nazis are mentioned, and says that, 'the world will not forgive us if we start another war!' (and he's just a german!)

(plus i think japan is the only army in history who kept official Comfort Houses for their troops, where female captives are held to service the japanese men.)

i once went on a strike after a video of the nanking massacre was shown during history class at school. i swore off japanese products and sushi. it lasted until i ran out of sunscreen. because nobody makes good, cheap sunscreen like the japanese, although now we have the koreans!

anyway if you're up for some emotional upheaval, try the flowers of war. quite keen to know what non-chinese think of this film. (because i may be biased, even if i'm malaysian.)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

texts with my father

this is my family. i miss them heaps. won't be spending chinese new year with them. but they are planning to visit in july :)

last night i told anybody who would listen, 'i'm gonna call my dad!' now this might be no biggie for y'all but bear in mind i am lousy at making conversation. even with my parents. especially with my parents. the last time i spoke to them was in August!

'what am i gonna say?!' i'd asked 3 girlfriends.

'anything! ' N suggested. 'you also need to contact them more, so you won't feel awkward like you do now!'

i know! but my parents love one-way communication!

examples of texts--

dear dad, i have arrived in sydney. paul has picked me up. i will email you my contacts soon.

no response.

hi mum & dad, merry christmas! enjoy your trip to hokkaido! miss you heaps!

no response.

hi mum & dad, happy 2012! love, min

no response.

hi mum & dad, good news! you're gonna be grandparents soon! i met a canadian with a lot of sexy tattoos and piercings, so your grandchild can have a canadian passport! our wedding will be held at the 3 monkeys bar this saturday, hope you can make it!

i think they'll just freeze my bank account.

sometimes i wonder, send one text will die ah?! reply one email properly will lose a limb ah?!


in the end, my conversation with dad lasted all of 1 minute. =.='' then he passed the phone to my mum, who briefly discussed their upcoming trip to sydney with me for 8 minutes. the end. i think i spent more time talking to my friends about talking to my parents than i did actually chatting with them. jeez.

but just before we hung up, i went, 'muummm~'


'i won't be going home for chinese new year!' (i even dream about spending cny at ahma's!)

‘你在那里很苦闷吗?!’ i swear, you could hear the panic in her voice! (苦闷!我花父母那么多钱还嫌‘苦闷’的话,真的该死!)‘你现在有上课吗?’

'yeah, i have summer school..' although parents always complain about how only babies need to run home for every. single. holiday. i honestly think they'll let me jump on the next flight home if i say i really miss home *^-^* sometimes i think they truly love me in their absentminded, never-reply-anything way. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

visa paywave

自从古灵精怪的 g 回国后,我以为我奇怪对话的人生就划上句点了。


我怎么可以忘了身边的 s 呢?

最近收到了新开的银行卡,粉红色的,在 s 面前炫耀一下。(虽然说那粉红是一个爆丑的粉红色!)

我看着卡,随口跟着念,‘visa paywave!’

‘欸?那是什么呀?’ s 马上问。

‘最新科技,你没听过吗?’ (亏这女人还在 7-11 打工!)





s 仔细看我的卡,然后说,‘你看,那 wave 字旁的 3 条线应该可以判断主人的声音频率!’

听到这里我完全崩溃! 怎么会有这么聪明的人呀?!这种话都可以信!真的!!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

the meaning behind dining with your friend's boss

-bobbin head-

because my bank account can no longer support my eating-out-and-playing-hard lifestyle, my entertainment options are now limited to the delicious Eric Moon..

-eric moon-

.. and tagging along to free events, courtesy of S' popularity with chinese boys.

the most recent one was a BBQ at Bobbin Head, one of the national parks here. her friend M drove us a couple of hours to get there.. it was nice to get out into the countryside again! it has only been a month since Cairns and already i'm itching to go to New Zealand! (the first thing i'm gonna do when i receive my allowance is to book flights!)

it was a nice and sunny day to go out and meet new people. it was actually a company gathering of M's boss, who was 'promoting' all his single male employees. 

some people might feel uncomfortable being somebody's plus-one to corporate events but maybe because my relationship experiences are terribly, horribly limited for someone my age, i have no qualms about it! i don't think a bunch about these things. when my friend in KL needs a partner when he's having dinner with his managers and their wives, he just calls with the offer of a free buffet and i'm sold.

the only thing i cannot tolerate is D.O.M.! (aka Dirty Old Men-- a term i learned from Aunt Penny!) i don't know why, but DOM like to hit on me on the streets! on the train! wherever!
and when i say old, i don't mean 10 years older (which is, by the way, the age difference between Eric Moon and i). it's a bit creepy when men older than my father get all gaahhh!!!-- i don't wanna think about it!
really feel like telling those DOM, 'dude, i'm younger than your youngest child! what are you, a paedo?'

when will handsome, dashing Eric Moon-types hit on me instead?!

Monday, 9 January 2012



所以我就随便看了看[我的女友是九尾狐],想逗自己开心,没想到第 1 集完全笑翻了!

现在整个停不下来!大推大家上 viikii.net 看,不看戏也可以看它在荧幕上方会有好多 ‘观众’ 在 ‘聊天’,非常滑稽!

na min woo

尤其是第 2 男主角一出场,那些很热血的宅女 (简直是我的同志呀!)马上 high 翻天!开始象 m16 的速度打些有的没的--

性感的 porn music! (因为 na min woo 每次出现都有 make-out music 的伴奏!)

我也要与 na min woo 在黑暗中独处!




话说回来,这 2男也太梦幻了吧!简直是从漫画走出来的花美男呀!

我不爱娘炮的男生,但他真的。。令人窒息地帅呀!(我到底是干嘛?快 23 岁了,很饥渴吼!)


女主角很美,完全是我的菜!与[梦幻情侣]的 leslie kim 长得很象!

leslie kim


其实狐狸精与 leslie kim 在[梦幻情侣]内的角色爆象的!都是少哭,敢爱敢追的女人!欣赏这种帅气的女人!哦耶!

有空可以看看[my girlfriend is a gumiho],因为连看过 n 部韩剧的我都被它 surprise 到,可见这部是极品呀!外加我是大忙人,韩剧不好看我是不会看的!

继续追。。!!!na min woo oppa 我来了!!!哈哈哈~

Sunday, 8 January 2012

sweet memory

this was the day S and i went to inspect her new home. we had some time to kill but no money to spend so we settled on the very economical activity of reading in a beautiful cafe.

i had passed Sweet Memory a couple of times and had been very charmed by its k-drama interior. full of pretty knick knacks and mismatched furniture-- kinda like my fantasy home.

we shared a pot of chamomile tea for $4. the staff probably beh tahan our cheapskate-ness. but this is the poor uni student lifestyle (or, more aptly, the student-who-blew-her-allowance-on-extensive-traveling lifestyle).

little pleasures :) 

Saturday, 7 January 2012





现在是凌晨 6 点,就爬起来喷口水!
(因为 s 不爱这种‘小清新’的电影,没人陪我high)

虽然我现在是硕士生,而且今年生日后就 23 岁了,我一直觉得中学的日子离我其实不怎么遥远。

但其实已隔 4 年了!都可以念完初中的时间了!






Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the sushi.. and new year resolution #5

so yesterday was the first day of my Cross Cultural Management unit.

not sure if it's from the month of not sitting still and/or utilising my brain, but the lecturer seemed to be speaking so very slowly my scalp was just crawling with impatience.

but of course, new year resolution #4 is to keep on top of my studies. (i met a girl studying at Harvard and she says if you miss class for a week there, you just DIE because there is no way of catching up, ever!) my lecturer said the same thing, so after meeting Darren, i'll run to the uni shop and buy my unit reader, stat!


the highlight of class was the beautiful Nini, and the delicious Sushi we saw!

spent half the class staring at the Sushi! (initially i thought he was Tom yam, i really have no eye for determining the origins of a person =.=)

when we were supposed to get to know people (so we can form groups for group assignment), i egged Nini to go trick him into our group 'because i hate working with ugly people!' (Nini nearly died laughing.. when did i become such a shallow bitch?!)

i wanted to talk to Sushi myself, as practice, because S has commented that i turn into a primary schooler when i see guys i fancy. (in the end, of course, i panicked and hid.) i can hold excellent conversations with normal-looking guys, but if i think he's cute, that's it! enter min the accident-prone stuttering idiot.

but honestly, my practically non-existent brush with the yummy Sushi has led to new year resolution #5--

dig out the 15-year-old min who was cool and thick-skinned like a croc!

feel the fear and do it anyway!

when i was 15 i recall thinking, life's no fun when you're not scared of anything! because i just wasn't!

now i'm more like, life's no fun when you're scared of everything! grr! 

ok tomorrow i'll find out first hand Sushi's majors. practice makes perfect mah *^-^*

Monday, 2 January 2012

one of the last few epic conversations

so G has returned to Germany for a couple of weeks now.

and i'll probably never see him again for the rest of my life.

so here's one of last dialogues that will be given a special place in my Book of Weird Conversations--

remember when Renee came to crash with me for a night?

that very night, G knocked on my door around midnight.

R and i both started, and G hissed, 'min?'

'what?!' i'd replied groggily.

'are you asleep?'

'YES!' just because i don't wanna stumble over R to open the door.

-5 minutes later-

'min, i'll talk to you tomorrow!'

gosh i didn't know he was still outside.


the next day, the nanosecond G got home he burst into my room, demanding, 'oh my god, were you having sex with that woman last night?!'


'that woman who was in your room!'

'did you knock on my door in the middle of the freaking night, just to check if i was having sex with a WOMAN?!'

'yeah, you told me you met somebody, and i thought you might have become a lesbian..'

at least he had the decency to look a bit sheepish.

so this is it.

i wonder if i'll meet anybody more oddball than G.

because knocking on people's door just to check if they're having sex is definitely not normal.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


the year end passed me in a whirl of celebrations, didn't even have time to reflect on the year that was and make resolutions for the year that is.

st mary's cathedral

sydney harbour bridge

bondi beach

university of sydney

the photos that convinced me that YES! i MUST spend half my dad's assets and fly 8 hours away from home to live for a couple of years.

most major decision in 2011? hell, yeah!

i'm still figuring things out-- i wish it were faster, but for now i just gotta have a little faith i suppose.

an endearing video from my beloved sis!

my first meal of 2012--

oyako don

at a quaint little Japanese restaurant near S' home.

after brunch we bought Maxibons from the Woolies opposite to eat while we watch The flowers of war.

Zhang Yimou directed it and my advice is not to eat anything while watching it.

i passed 2 hours in a kind of stupefied horror. 

it was so disturbing i broke down crying halfway through the walk from the train station to my home.

ni ni

the female lead was absolutely stunning, though.

so this was my start to 2012-- the crying was a tad inauspicious but otherwise i'm excited about this year.

it's 2012! we may all drop dead at any second, it's time to go all out and say 'yes' ala Yes man!

happy 2012!