Sunday, 1 January 2012


the year end passed me in a whirl of celebrations, didn't even have time to reflect on the year that was and make resolutions for the year that is.

st mary's cathedral

sydney harbour bridge

bondi beach

university of sydney

the photos that convinced me that YES! i MUST spend half my dad's assets and fly 8 hours away from home to live for a couple of years.

most major decision in 2011? hell, yeah!

i'm still figuring things out-- i wish it were faster, but for now i just gotta have a little faith i suppose.

an endearing video from my beloved sis!

my first meal of 2012--

oyako don

at a quaint little Japanese restaurant near S' home.

after brunch we bought Maxibons from the Woolies opposite to eat while we watch The flowers of war.

Zhang Yimou directed it and my advice is not to eat anything while watching it.

i passed 2 hours in a kind of stupefied horror. 

it was so disturbing i broke down crying halfway through the walk from the train station to my home.

ni ni

the female lead was absolutely stunning, though.

so this was my start to 2012-- the crying was a tad inauspicious but otherwise i'm excited about this year.

it's 2012! we may all drop dead at any second, it's time to go all out and say 'yes' ala Yes man!

happy 2012!

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