Thursday, 19 January 2012

71: into the fire

so at lyanna's suggestion i watched 71. every time i watch war movies i say a prayer of thanks that no matter what, at least we're not at war. 

of course it broke my heart that mere children are being sacrificed, but it was quite beautiful, how they loved their country! i find that south koreans tend to be proud of their nationality, they're quite patriotic in a way that i can't feel for my own country.

71 was a bit more visual than the flowers of war, but flowers was definitely more nauseating. because in 71 people were gunned down; in flowers brooms were rammed up women-- totally different case.

sometimes i wonder how the japanese can get by for so long without learning the truth about their history. it does rankle me, especially after watching war flicks. i mean, one may argue that the nazis were almost as cruel, but at least G, for one, is sheepish and apologetic when nazis are mentioned, and says that, 'the world will not forgive us if we start another war!' (and he's just a german!)

(plus i think japan is the only army in history who kept official Comfort Houses for their troops, where female captives are held to service the japanese men.)

i once went on a strike after a video of the nanking massacre was shown during history class at school. i swore off japanese products and sushi. it lasted until i ran out of sunscreen. because nobody makes good, cheap sunscreen like the japanese, although now we have the koreans!

anyway if you're up for some emotional upheaval, try the flowers of war. quite keen to know what non-chinese think of this film. (because i may be biased, even if i'm malaysian.)

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