Tuesday, 31 January 2012

australia day

after slaving away the afternoon at my home over the assignment, Nini and i went to Darling Harbour to watch the fireworks for Australia Day. i haven't been out for so long i felt a bit dazed. ever since i realized i have to work in order to play here, i'd taken to not going out much-- until i find a job, at least.

Nini and i chatted through the boat parade because we were there for the fireworks and the fireworks only. 

the government had built a makeshift stage in the middle of the water, and at 9pm it lit up with a laser show.

then the fireworks started!.. and continued for a full 30 minutes!

as Nini puts it, 'this was better than the new year fireworks, where you had to begin queueing at 10am for 15 minutes of fireworks!'

there were also bursts of fire..

and my personal favorite at the end, when all the fireworks seemed to shoot up into the sky at the same time, and it was almost as bright as day!

after the fireworks, Nini and i had supper at Chefs Gallery, a restaurant serving Northern Chinese cuisine. on most days there were lines outside it during meal times, so i had been quite keen to try it.

we had sour-spicy soup with tofu and prawns, because the angmo at the next table was eating a bowl of it so deliciously! it was spicier than i expected, very peppery. 

we also had kung pow chicken noodles, which didn't taste kung pow at all. the portions served here are tiny by Australian (and even Malaysian, sometimes) standards, but at least we can polish off all the food.

the 手抓饼 with cheese and mushrooms is the best dish we ordered! kinda like roti canai with mushrooms and cheese. very keen to recreate this with frozen roti but am intent on finishing the food i have in my kitchen so there will be less things to move on Saturday.

speaking of moving, S will come stay with me for 3 nights so that's a bit of practice of room-sharing. i actually miss my roomies when they move out (Eunice, S, G) but i also enjoy having my own space. been prone to waking up in the middle of the night and panicking about my move. really, am so melodramatic sometimes!

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