Thursday, 26 January 2012


have you ever wondered what happens when you call emergency hotlines?

i have, since i received my first insurance card in Melbourne 3 years ago.

finally, a couple of days ago, i made that call.

about once every 2 years i get cramps which make me cry and pray for death.

so this time, after a bit of crying, i called OSHC and moaned, 'oh my god, i think i'm gonna die!' because the pain had somehow spread to my head.

sekali the guy on the line replied, 'i don't think you will.'

=.= then they got a nurse to recommend painkillers for me. yeah, if i can walk i wouldn't be calling you, stupid OSHC!

thank goodness for friends, who dropped by with Nurofen and Panadol. :-*


anyway yesterday i recovered enough to go out to buy house clothes. 

i swear, i'm becoming more and more like S-- now i can't stand ugly/dirty homes, and i have developed a love for postcards and pretty clothes only meant to be worn at home.

actually my new year resolution #x is to simplify. i harbor a dream of living out of a suitcase, but so many things feel like necessities to me-- my heater, fan, this new gray house dress..

it was on special, $15 for 2. and the Korean sales boy was very cute! the cashier, too, though his accent so gao i understood nothing. (actually i think there are lots of cute guys in the city but my friends say it's only because i have no taste!) 

totally my veg! i've been living in it! super comfy! some days i'm so bloated i can't squeeze into the shorts i usually wear at home so i'm so pleased i bought these! :))

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