Wednesday, 18 January 2012

texts with my father

this is my family. i miss them heaps. won't be spending chinese new year with them. but they are planning to visit in july :)

last night i told anybody who would listen, 'i'm gonna call my dad!' now this might be no biggie for y'all but bear in mind i am lousy at making conversation. even with my parents. especially with my parents. the last time i spoke to them was in August!

'what am i gonna say?!' i'd asked 3 girlfriends.

'anything! ' N suggested. 'you also need to contact them more, so you won't feel awkward like you do now!'

i know! but my parents love one-way communication!

examples of texts--

dear dad, i have arrived in sydney. paul has picked me up. i will email you my contacts soon.

no response.

hi mum & dad, merry christmas! enjoy your trip to hokkaido! miss you heaps!

no response.

hi mum & dad, happy 2012! love, min

no response.

hi mum & dad, good news! you're gonna be grandparents soon! i met a canadian with a lot of sexy tattoos and piercings, so your grandchild can have a canadian passport! our wedding will be held at the 3 monkeys bar this saturday, hope you can make it!

i think they'll just freeze my bank account.

sometimes i wonder, send one text will die ah?! reply one email properly will lose a limb ah?!


in the end, my conversation with dad lasted all of 1 minute. =.='' then he passed the phone to my mum, who briefly discussed their upcoming trip to sydney with me for 8 minutes. the end. i think i spent more time talking to my friends about talking to my parents than i did actually chatting with them. jeez.

but just before we hung up, i went, 'muummm~'


'i won't be going home for chinese new year!' (i even dream about spending cny at ahma's!)

‘你在那里很苦闷吗?!’ i swear, you could hear the panic in her voice! (苦闷!我花父母那么多钱还嫌‘苦闷’的话,真的该死!)‘你现在有上课吗?’

'yeah, i have summer school..' although parents always complain about how only babies need to run home for every. single. holiday. i honestly think they'll let me jump on the next flight home if i say i really miss home *^-^* sometimes i think they truly love me in their absentminded, never-reply-anything way. 

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