Saturday, 21 January 2012

house hunting

there is nothing more draining than room-hunting. after witnessing all the crack jobs passing off as rental property, i am starting to think my rent is rather reasonable!

i pay $240/week for my own room, inclusive of internet, bills, detergent, toilet paper and once-a-week cleaning. 5 people sharing 2 bathrooms, but i actually use one by myself because nobody wants to walk all the way to the back of the house to use it.


the pretty share room opposite my home will cost $150/week, but i'm banned from using my heater even in winter. no electric blankets, too! plus 8-12people sharing 1 bathroom and 2 toilets is a bit intense for me.

then there's another fairly nice room with 2 other girls with the cutest boy housemate! i just needed to tick the last essential box, so i asked, ''does any of the girls snore?''

''oh, yes!''

because i quite liked the place ($150/week, 3 girls sharing a bathroom; the 3 boys use another one), i persisted, ''ah~ so, is it loud?'' (at this stage my potential landlord Charlie was quite amused, and asked the girl, ''who is it?!'')

''it's me, and yes, it's loud!'' (i suspect she hates me and doesn't want me to move in.)

the guy sitting on the sofa looked so appealing i gave it another shot. ''do you snore a bit or for the whole night?''

''the whole night.''

ok, no fate.


so far, the room i thought was ok.. i hesitated for 5 minutes to mull it over and somebody snatched it. 

and the room i have my eye on now costs $225/week excluding laundry. ($4/wash at the nearby laundromat). it's a large room in a beautiful old townhouse, and i share a bathroom and a kitchen with another guy on the first floor.

the landlord lives downstairs and his quarters are so absolutely stunning that it takes my breath away! he's an old brit grandpa who fought in Malaya during the Emergency and is now a builder. his wife is Spanish so their living spaces look as though they might be from the Mediterranean!

ARRGGGHHHH i hate being poor!!!

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