Sunday, 15 January 2012

the meaning behind dining with your friend's boss

-bobbin head-

because my bank account can no longer support my eating-out-and-playing-hard lifestyle, my entertainment options are now limited to the delicious Eric Moon..

-eric moon-

.. and tagging along to free events, courtesy of S' popularity with chinese boys.

the most recent one was a BBQ at Bobbin Head, one of the national parks here. her friend M drove us a couple of hours to get there.. it was nice to get out into the countryside again! it has only been a month since Cairns and already i'm itching to go to New Zealand! (the first thing i'm gonna do when i receive my allowance is to book flights!)

it was a nice and sunny day to go out and meet new people. it was actually a company gathering of M's boss, who was 'promoting' all his single male employees. 

some people might feel uncomfortable being somebody's plus-one to corporate events but maybe because my relationship experiences are terribly, horribly limited for someone my age, i have no qualms about it! i don't think a bunch about these things. when my friend in KL needs a partner when he's having dinner with his managers and their wives, he just calls with the offer of a free buffet and i'm sold.

the only thing i cannot tolerate is D.O.M.! (aka Dirty Old Men-- a term i learned from Aunt Penny!) i don't know why, but DOM like to hit on me on the streets! on the train! wherever!
and when i say old, i don't mean 10 years older (which is, by the way, the age difference between Eric Moon and i). it's a bit creepy when men older than my father get all gaahhh!!!-- i don't wanna think about it!
really feel like telling those DOM, 'dude, i'm younger than your youngest child! what are you, a paedo?'

when will handsome, dashing Eric Moon-types hit on me instead?!

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