Monday, 2 January 2012

one of the last few epic conversations

so G has returned to Germany for a couple of weeks now.

and i'll probably never see him again for the rest of my life.

so here's one of last dialogues that will be given a special place in my Book of Weird Conversations--

remember when Renee came to crash with me for a night?

that very night, G knocked on my door around midnight.

R and i both started, and G hissed, 'min?'

'what?!' i'd replied groggily.

'are you asleep?'

'YES!' just because i don't wanna stumble over R to open the door.

-5 minutes later-

'min, i'll talk to you tomorrow!'

gosh i didn't know he was still outside.


the next day, the nanosecond G got home he burst into my room, demanding, 'oh my god, were you having sex with that woman last night?!'


'that woman who was in your room!'

'did you knock on my door in the middle of the freaking night, just to check if i was having sex with a WOMAN?!'

'yeah, you told me you met somebody, and i thought you might have become a lesbian..'

at least he had the decency to look a bit sheepish.

so this is it.

i wonder if i'll meet anybody more oddball than G.

because knocking on people's door just to check if they're having sex is definitely not normal.

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