Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the sushi.. and new year resolution #5

so yesterday was the first day of my Cross Cultural Management unit.

not sure if it's from the month of not sitting still and/or utilising my brain, but the lecturer seemed to be speaking so very slowly my scalp was just crawling with impatience.

but of course, new year resolution #4 is to keep on top of my studies. (i met a girl studying at Harvard and she says if you miss class for a week there, you just DIE because there is no way of catching up, ever!) my lecturer said the same thing, so after meeting Darren, i'll run to the uni shop and buy my unit reader, stat!


the highlight of class was the beautiful Nini, and the delicious Sushi we saw!

spent half the class staring at the Sushi! (initially i thought he was Tom yam, i really have no eye for determining the origins of a person =.=)

when we were supposed to get to know people (so we can form groups for group assignment), i egged Nini to go trick him into our group 'because i hate working with ugly people!' (Nini nearly died laughing.. when did i become such a shallow bitch?!)

i wanted to talk to Sushi myself, as practice, because S has commented that i turn into a primary schooler when i see guys i fancy. (in the end, of course, i panicked and hid.) i can hold excellent conversations with normal-looking guys, but if i think he's cute, that's it! enter min the accident-prone stuttering idiot.

but honestly, my practically non-existent brush with the yummy Sushi has led to new year resolution #5--

dig out the 15-year-old min who was cool and thick-skinned like a croc!

feel the fear and do it anyway!

when i was 15 i recall thinking, life's no fun when you're not scared of anything! because i just wasn't!

now i'm more like, life's no fun when you're scared of everything! grr! 

ok tomorrow i'll find out first hand Sushi's majors. practice makes perfect mah *^-^*

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