Thursday, 2 February 2012

dr pepper

it's amazing what i find in my fridge when i really look. have stopped shopping for groceries entirely so am making meals out of whatever's in my fridge.

since S is here i opened my can of Dr Pepper, which has been stealing storage space since i bought it a few months ago. in my Sweet Valley-reading years Jessica Wakefield seemed to fancy Dr Pepper so i was intrigued about the taste.

G put me off drinking it by myself by describing it as 'sugar, gas and water, only drunk by fat Americans.' with S at least we can have a laugh about it.

Dr Pepper smells like almonds (eww, i hate that smell!) and tastes a bit like cough syrup blended with Coke. really not for us, although it's not as awful as G claims.

have been living peacefully with S for a night :) i study in the dining room while she chills in my room. i cook and she cleans. we watched A Beautiful Life while sipping pear cider last night.

the nanosecond i heard the opening song (Wonder Girls' Nobody), i knew this was gonna be a K-drama movie. not good but Liu Ye is still my absolute favorite actor. seriously i was blown away by all his performances-- Curse of the Golden Flower and Connected. Liu Yeeehhhh!!!

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