Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Nini came to see my apartment yesterday and told me to call my landlord stat to give my notice. if you can't find a suitable place, you can crash with me first, she'd offered. 

apparently accommodation is divided into housing for students, and places for backpackers. Capitol Terrace is where the people with working holiday visas live! and what every student looks for when they inspect a home is how good it is for studying-- quietness, desk, etc.

so i probably need to move, especially as one of my roommate's faces has been darkening day by day at the sight of my stuff spilling out from under my bed.

but the other housemates are rather nice and chatty. Tonny from Indonesia made us the traditional summer dessert pictured above last night. and Cyan from Myanmar bought me lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Capitol Square on Sunday. Cyan's friend Ryan treated us to drinks at De La France, which is the most perfect spot for people-watching.

plus the mere thought of packing again makes me wanna hurl myself out the bloody window!

told dad about my predicament via email and being dad, he'd replied, noted.

what does he mean, noted?! note what?! am i his secretary? is he my secretary?! apalah noted!

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