Friday, 10 February 2012

photos of my apartment

ooh what is this dark mass? it's my first char kuey teow in 7months! courtesy of my lovely housemate Tonny. was on the phone with Eunice when he brought it home at 11pm.

''nooo!!! don't eat it!! it's the middle of the night!'' Eunice had screeched, but to no avail. it's char kuey teow!!!

despite certain housemates' kindness, i gave my notice to my landlord today. he was quite pening as i had only been here for 5 days, but my roommates and i will probably end up hating each other if i don't move out.

anyway because some people cannot imagine how 9 adults can squeeze into a 2-bedroom unit, here are some photos of my apartment--


the second you enter, the kitchen's on the right. sometimes it just boggles my mind how people can continue dumping rubbish into an overflowing bin. 

i don't mean to be discriminatory but girls tend to be lazier than boys; and westerners more so than asians. with the exception of G.

rich people also tend to think they will die if they touch rubbish. where are all the normal people?!

this is where i cook my boiled lettuce & pasta meals. just the thought of pasta makes me nauseated. but because i share a shelf with 2 other girls, i have to finish food in the fridge before i can buy new food.

the dining table 

the shoe racks

the entrance to my room

too lazy to move so snapped most of these from the couch.

the couch

probably my fave part of the house. this is where we gather to chill and chat, which i hardly did at my old home. most of my housemates are very likeable :)

will start looking for a new place in March, really really hope to get a decent place this time around!

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