Sunday, 19 February 2012

valentine 2012

me, Laina

i wasn't gonna acknowledge my 22nd consecutive single v-day but the night before i saw my Japanese housemate pottering about in the kitchen and just felt that i should do something. it's so easy to let occasions slide and soon everyday will be the same if we don't make the effort to distinguish one day from the other.

went for my job interview on v-day. if you want a legal job with legal pay, don't let people know you're not Australian until the last nanosecond. 

baked chocolate cookies-- the photo's from Nigella's website, my batch was gone too fast for me to snap any shots. super easy and successful! plus my lovely housemate Jairo helped out and did the washing up!

Laina, S and i had dinner at S' new apartment, where i whipped up a devilled sausage dish. it left much to be desired appearance-wise, but L liked them and bought sausages home to cook herself the next day. haha!

at night we wanted to hit the clubs, but all the posh places which L likes are closed on a Tuesday, so we ended up at Scruffy Murphy's, which was.. scruffy. it had a live band and the DJ only plays music when the band's taking 5.. very different

teenage dirtbag is so stuck in my head after listening to it at 3 Monkeys!

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