Sunday, 5 February 2012

what makes a home

slightly less miserable this morning compared to last night. a bit noisy but thank goodness i'm quite a heavy sleeper. my bed is next to the windows so was awakened by sunlight. went for a dip in the pool on the roof. may as well maximize the benefits in this.. place. 

actually there are a few cute guys in this block. saw a few handsome Koreans yesterday and there was a man with small eyes and the sharpest nose i'd ever seen on a real person at the pool today.

be positive! S had told me yesterday. at least my roommates are not bitches. i was quite moved that she had called from Cairns, where she was on holiday. sekali S said, i called to tell you not to move too far away from me, actually! she had seen my photo on fb and knew i probably couldn't make it. my current place is 5 minutes' walk from her new home, which is the only reason S likes it.

i wish she was here in the apartment. a house doesn't feel like home until a friend has come to eat in the dining room/sit on the bedroom floor/lounge on my bed. Eunice 'house-warmed' my previous room within a week of me moving in and Sue Han did it for my Melbourne home, which was old, ugly and dirty in retrospect.

another plus point of this home is that it is within walking distance to Darling Harbour. so i may walk over next Saturday to see the fireworks since i will most likely stick it out here until my final exam is over and i return from New Zealand. cheer up!

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