Saturday, 10 March 2012


minestrone soup, $10

because my room still looks like hantu, shall share some photos of food instead.

vegetarian omelette, de la france

i'm not a fan of De la france's food but their hot coffees are good.

and they do boast the perfect spot for people-watching!

korean cold noodles, instant, Sun

the taste gets a bit too tart for me after awhile, but the noodles taste very refreshing somehow!


whenever i pop over to my old apartment, my ex-flatmates offer me food. :))

haha Tonny says i can rotate among my friends and survive on free food!

just you wait, after i finish fixing up my penthouse i'll repay y'all with an atas house-warming! (i hope so lah, seeing how much i actually loathe throwing parties =.=)

but now i have to go to class.. on a Saturday!

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