Sunday, 25 March 2012


this is S waking up from a nap on the bus in New Zealand, on the way to Greymouth.

her new nickname is '奶奶’ because by 8.30pm she's usually passed out on her bunk.

Greymouth was crazily windy the day we arrived. it sucked being outdoors because you would be slapped in all directions by the vicious wind.

we were especially pissed because we had to walk half an hour in this crap weather to get to Global Village Backpackers, where we were staying. 

it has a 5-star rating on Trip Advisor, which was why we picked it.. and despite the crap location, it was the most beautiful hostel in our trip.

we stayed in a 6-bed mixed dorm (honestly i don't get this asian horror of mixed dorms, though thankfully my travel buddies were cool.)

our other roomies were a 20-year-old swiss guy and a 24-year-old german girl. western female backpackers always knock my socks off, because they exude cool. they can travel solo with heavy backpacks.. walk for miles happily.. argh if you want me to do that, shoot me instead. i need my trolley suitcase.

cute drawings on the wall :))

adorable bed sheets!! none of the standard stark-white hospital linen!

a small lamp beside each bed so your roomies don't hate you.

Greymouth may be too windy for my taste, but it's still enchantingly beautiful. somehow you get this feeling that you're very close to the sky.. and that the clouds are wrapped all around the town. 

i haven't studied hard enough to be able to articulate that feeling (a bit disoriented, a bit amazed) and the view. if you do have the opportunity to visit NZ, do drop by Greymouth to see the clouds.

(i have a thing for skies and clouds, so maybe it's just me).

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