Friday, 16 March 2012

if my father has contacted you recently..

you know how i always say that my father never keeps in touch?

recently.. the highlight of my 22 years of life.. he sent me 3 consecutive emails!! and real, lengthy emails with content to boot!

some family members might have received emails from my dad with a photo of a letter of achievement?

if you did, please indulge him. (although in my heart of hearts the 'achievement' is as small as a hei bi!)

but i have never seen him so pleased with me, ever!

and recently he has been asking mum, why isn't Min calling home? when i disappeared for maybe a month?

this is the man who can let 6 months go by without calling his daughter!!!


sometimes i feel bad for him because we (his kids) almost stubbornly refuse to perform, while our cousins are receiving scholarships left, right and centre.

so he pumps money into our education, hoping we'll finally shape up and show him some tangible result. 

honestly i don't think i can replicate this little success, so if he did email you, do be sweet about it. he has waited 22 years and spent a house for this, and i'm not sure when i can make him happy again.

here's the letter on my 'notice board'.. actually stuck there to keep prying eyes away from my living room ;pp

speaking of which, my room still looks like a bloody nightmare!

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