Wednesday, 21 March 2012

my home

so finally hosted a mini house-warming last Sunday, just a circle of friends who came to drink Rekorderlig after dinner in the city. (note to self: avoid bloody Fujiya at all costs!)

this is my coat rack.

this is my desk, but i only use it in the morning when i apply makeup. (this is all of my friends' fave spot)

i study/eat in the (other half of the) living room with my cute little Ikea ensemble--

i set up the table myself *proud* *proud*

it's actually quite simple but i thought my arms were gonna fall out of the sockets!

my open wardrobe.

the entrance.

the kitchen, which is on the same level as my room. 

how my room looks like from the outside.

my Ikea cookware! essential for cooking instant noodles and reheating takeaways.

the deciding factor- clothes dryer!

the white stairs. after hanging out with S for almost a year, i have developed a love for white.

i stay on the second floor of a 3-level penthouse.

apparently my landlord has found 4 chinese girls to occupy the 2 double rooms downstairs.

i haven't met them but i hope they're not crazies.

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