Wednesday, 7 March 2012

my new home

after a lot of heartache, suicidal thoughts and hatred towards the awful sydney housing market, i am finally typing this from the comfort(?) of my very own (living) room.

yes, folks, i have joined the group of Poor Uni Students Who Wishes to Live in City Thus Can Only Stay In A LIVING ROOM!!

just 1 month ago i wouldn't even have considered this type of living arrangement, but then a month ago i still thought i couldn't share a room with anybody! but seeing S move in and thrive in her spacious living room at The Peak (an atas apartment above Market City, the golden area within the city!), all for the bargain price of a$190/week, has made me decide to try living in the living room.

my desk

the biggest flaw about my living room is that i can't fart freely unlike when i have my own room.

of course i'm kidding!

actually i'm not, but i digress.

i have 2 walls of floor-to-ceiling windows = 0 privacy. my landlord's girlfriend (a soft-spoken 24-year-old girl from Guangdong with skin so white she almost glows) got me a couple of car window UV shields.. i'm working on covering all other exposed areas with maps of New Zealand, Polaroids, Stop Lynas signs and similar.

my clothes rack

this was added as an afterthought by Serena (landlord's girlfriend) as we have a clothes dryer in the 3-level apartment.

my bed

the good thing about this slightly pricey place (a$200/week) is that all my furniture is brand new as this is the first time my landlords are, well, landlords. (hence the dryer, oh yeah baby! a lot of landlords ban usage of dryers because it supposedly racks up the electricity bill like crazy.)

my wardrobe

yes, it's cheap. and yes, that's a shower curtain for privacy purposes. i'm really trying to cover my expenses with my job.

my 'door'

my living room is on the second level of the apartment, with a balcony, a kitchen and a bathroom i share with a kiam siap Peking boy. with my (usually over-active) imagination i can pretend i'm living in a studio. (the other 3 tenants live downstairs and upstairs is a rooftop balcony ala all the k-dramas i have ever watched!)

ok i must go to bed now so i don't die tomorrow from working 9am-4pm then rushing off for my Asia Pacific Politics lecture from 5pm-8pm!

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