Friday, 13 April 2012

cooking for housewarming 2.0

on Monday i hosted my second housewarming dinner, this time for my ex housemates.

i must have been crazy when i decided to cook, but here's how it panned out

my lazy version where i just omitted every ingredient i didn't have in my larder.

i cooked this before the guests arrived to sample and because i was nursing a mild headache from drinking at Christina's the night before.

i liked it, and so did S, but i thought it looked a bit ugly to be served, so we just finished it before dinner.

here's how it should look like--

all recipes from Nigella, whom i almost worship!

even her writing feels decadent..

haha what an awful shot!

admittedly this doesn't call for a recipe, but i'm obsessed with doing things by the book.

i swapped the peas with frozen vegetables because that's what i had in my freezer.

looks a bit dry but tasted ok, i was sore from cooking then and didn't care.

Nigella's Pasta with Ham, Peas & Cream

another photo hurriedly snapped before settling down to enjoy the company :)

this is good, N had no qualms eating it the next day despite some sogginess.
(i had another mini dinner party the next day to clear the leftovers ;pp my housemates nearly had heart attacks-- hosting 2 parties in 2 nights?!)

it was their first time sampling sun-dried tomatoes in seasoned oil, which is one of my many favorites.

Nigella's version

i think i must take better photos next time.

ikea meatballs

i also served lots of ikea food-- meatballs with ikea frozen mash and ikea cream sauce. not forgetting ikea lingonberry jam. 

all these food cooked in my ikea cookware, stirred with my ikea spoon, served on my ikea table with the ikea vase.

my home is turning into a mini ikea showroom!!!

ok this is the most doubtful photo of the lot, but (as i keep explaining) it's supposed to collapse into a crumbly mess.

Nigella's Easter Egg Nest Cake

mine looked so terrible because i used a heart-shaped mould. (ok i also fucked the icing up)

but it tasted quite good. even i was a bit like, wah, did i really bake this?!

asian girls seem to appreciate this most, with S eating so much she threw up =.= (really, i had already kept it in the fridge but she quietly took it out again and continued eating!)

i made it so i knew how much cream went into it.. thus i wouldn't recommend eating like S. (she was sick for a couple of days after)

so my thoughts are-- all the dishes i cooked are simple.. but if you cook them all in one go you'll feel freaking suicidal! i had to stop for awhile and watch some tv to prevent myself from hurling myself off the balcony.

here are my lovely guests from the first night-- Marketa (Czech Republic), Tomo (Japan), me, Tonny (Indonesia), Cyan (Myanmar).

and of course S who came early to help me clean. and also lugged all her cutlery from her home because i only have 1 set ;pp

it was fun, though we had food overload because they brought booze, pizza, ice-creams and cake!

i think i have to do this once a month or something.

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