Sunday, 22 April 2012

every saturday night

although i'm a 23-year-old with adequate spending money, living away from the watchful eyes of parents (who have spies on Facebook, whom i've all unfriended).. i don't go out dancing and get trashed every Saturday night. (in fact i haven't been to a club in so long i probably won't know what to do when i finally go!)

instead i go to Darling Harbour and watch fireworks.

one Saturday night i was contemplating walking to Darling Harbour after dinner with R (who doesn't like fireworks).

so i was like, 'i'll go alone then.'

and he said, 'yeah, you can go watch fireworks alone.' in such a contemptuous tone that i gave up that thought immediately, wondering if only fugly, sad people do stuff alone.. and whether i'm turning into one of them! the forever alones!!

sekali i found out R is prone to taking few-hours-long solitary walks from the city to the Royal Botanic Gardens (omg no wonder he's so skinny) and has even considered going to the Royal Easter Show alone.

plus the night i watched the fireworks from my rooftop balcony, S was viewing them at the harbour, alone. and S is neither fugly nor sad- she is my free meal ticket + free ride ticket + free service ticket (service providers being her fanboys).

so the morale of the story is that it's ok to do what you feel comfortable with, because you realize that everybody else is actually doing it too. 

ps. the fireworks were crazy fantastic, it looked as though the colourful sparks were gonna fall on you, and bits of the debris did.

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