Friday, 20 April 2012

the korean balcony

one of the reason which prompted me to fork out a$200/week to live in a living room of a shoddy apartment near a construction site.


if you're riding the Hallyu wave like me and doing your homework (aka watching all famous k-dramas), you'll understand the significance of the rooftop balcony.

remember city hunter? it was where the beautiful couple had a very sad kiss. *sighs*

here's the rooftop from my girlfriend is a gumiho..

there's secret garden as well, but i can't find a picture..

this is my rooftop :)) it's completely bare..

and i guess it's gonna remain that way.

i only actually come up here to escape the oily fumes when my housemates are cooking.

still, who knows?

i might have my own korean drama unfolding on this rooftop *^-^*

now i gotta run to the post office to pick up my parcel from GMarket oh yeah :DD

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