Saturday, 14 April 2012

la traviata

人生第一次去听 opera ((请感受我用老豆的钱买回来的气质

是著名的 la traviata-虽然姐姐文化水平有限,是第一次听过 la traviata 这 2 字。

虽然它的 drinking song (brindisi) 大家一定有听过-


地点是在户外的 handa opera-在 royal botanic gardens 附近的 mrs macquarie's point。

我与 s 穿高跟鞋走了一万公里后终于看到美丽的夜景!





虽然是户外,但设施很齐全也很高级,有 bar,卖精致的食物与饮料的,卖纪念品的,用餐的桌椅,与美丽的洗手间!

它的洗手间真的太强了!但我忘记照 囧


我吃了一个 10刀的蓝莓 mascarpone 甜点,味道还不错!蛋糕里有酒精~看来连食物都很 atas 吼!

ray 吃披萨;s 吃西北风(因为在我家吃太多蛋糕了,连吐了 2 天,什么都吃不下。太好笑了!!)

brindisi 我第 2 爱的歌是 un di felice, eterea 

skip to 1.16 and be amazed. now this is opera!

halfway through it began pouring which really sucked.

especially as the organisers ran out of ponchos and S and i had to huddle under a wet blanket.

plus i was getting a bit drowsy from the champagne.. and operas are looong.

the plot is relatively simple-- an atas man falls for a courtesan and they live together. however, the man's father objects and pleads with the woman to leave the son. the woman does and the man went abroad with a broken heart but returns when he knows the truth about why his love left him. however it was too late and the woman was already on her deathbed.

too basic a story for 3 hours.. guess i'm just not cultured enough to enjoy it through the cold, wind and rain.

after the show we finished our champagne-- R looked like a bloody homeless drunk but he enjoyed the opera the most.

afterwards R and i went for supper at 大长今

if i like korean stuff any more i'll probably book an appointment with a plastic surgeon!

during the walk home we had a serious discussion about operas with happy endings.. i couldn't think of any, but of course the answer was staring me in the face! 

turandot! with the song nessum dorma which inspired my ink ;pp

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