Thursday, 5 April 2012

what i learned about stereotypes- they're true

people i heart:
#1 taiwanese 
because they are funny and somehow remind me of my parents

#2 indonesians 
because they are friendly and generous; makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

#3 koreans 
because of the hallyu wave. ok, because they're sweet

#1 filipinos 
because all the stereotypes are true. beware!!!

#2 malaysians
now i know i'm forever waxing lyrical about malaysian men but when i think back i haven't met many malaysians whom i genuinely love-love-love abroad (the only exception is Sue Han)

#3 indians
  because i can never forgive my assignment partner flying back to india a week before our assignment is due. he dropped the unit and i had to work on a group assignment alone :'( also because they leave rice in the cooker until mushrooms bloom

#1 chinese
this is complicated because S is chinese, plus they are fairly divided amongst themselves-- northerners vs southerners. but for chinese women, the stereotypes are still true. they may love you to bits but nothing comes between them and men, not even you. all men are fair game. 

#2 burmese
admittedly i'd only known 1 single burmese in my entire life, and he's very nice and generous (i can't stand stingy people). he's also very pierced and tattooed. just sharing.

#3 thais
 i don't know what to make of them. bubbly but like to hide facts-- like how there's no swipe key included in your rent. yep i'm scarred for life. i think they should be categorized under :(

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