Sunday, 27 May 2012

epic conversations

today i had 2 eye-opening conversations.

there i was, innocently buying fruits at Paddys Market with s and da xi (s' housemate), when r called.

r: are you playing outside?

me: nope, i'm writing my assignments.

r: then why are you not in uni?

me: because i'm writing it at home.

r: liar, you're not at home! i can tell just by the background noise!

me: well, i'm not at home now. i'm buying groceries at Paddys'.

r: why?

me: what do you mean, why? because i ran out of fruits and veggies, duh.

r: have you finished your assignments?

me: no.. ((timidly

r: .. and you're out buying veggies ((stern

me: yes.. it's as important as assignments, you know
(at this point i really wanted to bring up the word 'constipation' but exercised self-control!)

r: no, one does not eat until one has finished assignments.

omg!!! i think i need to print this in ALL CAPS, bold, italics, underlined, the lot!

is this the difference between guys and girls?! every chick i know must have nibbles beside their laptops when typing reports! maybe this is why he's so skinny.

anyway i felt guilty enough to hurriedly wrap up my shopping, bid S goodbye, and dash home.

5 minutes after reaching home, my phone rang again. this time it was S.

me: yes? ((we saw each other 10 minutes ago!

s: i forgot to ask, who were you speaking to on the phone just now?

me: WHAAT?!!! u called just to ask me this?!!!

s: yes

me: haha omg looks like u are really curious.

s: yes i am, tell me!!

me: it's R.

s: ooh.. 

me: cut that tone!

after 5 more minutes of pointless, girly conversation..

s: brr, i'm cold!

me: huh?

s: i was changing my clothes when i remembered that question, and i needed to know right now so i called you before i put on my shirt.

gosh, woman, looks like you really, really wanted to know. right then and there.

happy birthday to the crazy woman!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

buon gusto

during the numbness of the first few minutes they were there-- making calls, analysing, hooking their arms through mine..

just having them beside me, not necessarily engaging me in conversation.. just having them nibble dried persimmons in the background while i rehashed the case with the constable over and over and over again helped.

they marvelled at how calm i was in the police station but then i already had ample experience from crashing cars in Malaysia. i can only remain so collected because they were nearby, away from the assessments due on Monday that are yet to be written.

it wasn't the most awesome day, but maybe God wanted to remind me about my beautiful friends. and that there is no such thing as a 'safe place'.

no use crying over split milk. 

thanks S (again) and Kawei. don't know what i'll do with you guys. 

((to the m*********** who did this to me, i hope you get your fingernails pulled out one by excruciating one

i miss you, but at least i have something to remember you by

i spent the morning playing with Threat Letter

lunch yesterday with Christina and Ray at Buon Gusto, the most delightful little family-run Italian restaurant..

.. where Coke is served in wine glasses

looking at these makes me feel better.. and also thinking about how hard we laughed over dinner yesterday-- N, R and i at Arisun, talking crap

tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


it's funny how much i was against my mum when i was little.

admittedly she wasn't the mum i read about in books, because of some epic conversations i remember to this day--

scenario: me and siblings brawling over something.

me: ma! look at fann/tao!!

fann/tao: no! ma! look at min!

mum ((epitome of chicness: hey, you guys fight it out to the death, winner come talk to me

that doesn't mean she loves us any less!

wishing every happiness to all mummies in the world.

and rock on, ma!

Saturday, 12 May 2012


last night i spent 6 hours on trains-- 3 hours each way to Newcastle and back.

while waiting for Jazz, i wandered over to the harbour near Crowne Plaza, steps away from Civic Railway Station.

it's like Darling Harbour but much quieter. as much as i love the city, escaping it once in awhile is very refreshing.

lots of people freak at the thought of 3-hour train rides but confession-- i kinda enjoy them. sometimes there are beautiful views along the way. and if there's enough space you can cuddle up with warm clothing, magazines, iPad and snacks.

due to a glitch in the system i ended up at Seasalt, an exquisite restaurant in Crowne Plaza.

i think the harbour is just a perfect date place. there were some old couples holding hands and strolling. and old couples having dinner dates in the lovely restaurant.

((steers discussion to love rain. am at episode 10 now, and i must say i much prefer 仁河 and Yuni's love story compared to Jun's and Hena's. it says a lot, this preference of watching an old pair of lovers in comparison to Jang Geun Seuk!

anyway because i was only looking for toilet and a warm place to sit, i ordered a pasta entree(a$19) instead of a main.

it's seafood with angel hair in one of those olive-oil-based sauces. the seafood was fresh and succulent (thumbs up even from a non-seafood-lover like me!) and the asparagus and vegetable was well done. my only gripe was the overcooked angel hair-- soggy and bland.

bread was normal. really, so far the best bread i'd ever had was at Sage at MidValley! if my friends visit me i'll definitely recommend it!

i know it's super Asian but i couldn't stop snapping photos! because the ambience was just +++!!! there was a guy strumming a guitar and singing in the background too!

dessert was chocolate tart with pulled sugar! i couldn't eat the sugar but it looks quite magnifique. non?

going to a fashion show at fashion weekend later *^-^*

Thursday, 10 May 2012

love rain

i'm sorry but i must must MUST must must gush about love rain!

honestly i was 102% disinterested in it because the storyline was so cliche and bland!

separated lovers' offspring fall in love?! are you serious?!

but then one of the bloggers i follow was practically drowning in the drama.. another one followed.. my brother (!) was next.. ok my curiosity was piqued and i Googled it-- apparently it is a collaboration between some of the top talent within the k-drama industry.

for a k-pop fan like me, not watching it would be practically a sin. it's part of my education. honestly if i don't watch k-dramas, i wouldn't have much inspiration in life. not sure if it's just me but i plan my meals, clothes and to a lesser extent, leisure activities, around what i've been watching.

at first i started watching it because of the vintage feel-- i don't know how the colours look both saturated yet muted at the same time!

i swear, after every. single. clothes. change. i trawled GMarket to find similar items! so far haven't actually bought anything, but omg the outfits are just so well put together!

it helps that YoonA is very pretty as well ;pp

the entire concept of her character is just my veggie! if i were a guy, this would be the kinda gal who could drive me crazy! the long straight hair, modest clothing, cultured dignity.. plus the fact that she keeps a journal!!! i must start one too ((makes notes

anyway it is a must-watch! cinematography is just.. ravishing. compared with the Japanese episodes i prefer the old-school ones, with that nostalgic faded wash. the sharp brightness of the modern episodes feel very harsh in comparison with the shy quietness of the first few episodes. 

i like straightforward love stories the best. 

love rain is kinda like in time with you, but more artistic. not sure why but i was moved to tears when 徐河 told Kim Yuni that his view had always been her.. that the view was very beautiful and had touched him.. simple yet poignant! i much, much prefer JGS as 徐河 to the son role.

anyway go watch it like now!

.. while i loop this song <3